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Paint Dipped Bud Vase

Consol Glass sent me a selection of bottles to get crafty with. Two of the bottles had me a bit stumped, and then I thought, why not do a couple of paint-dipped bud vases!


The glass bottles are pretty much like sauce bottles, so you can easily upcycle bottles you have at home. I dipped the bottles in Rust-Oleum Chalked Ultra Matte paint, which gives a luxurious ultra matte chalk paint finish. To see the range of Consol glass bottles available, visit

To make it easier to dry the bottles once dipped, I added two hooks to a scrap piece of board and wrapped a length of string around the top of the bottles.

After dipping at an angle into the paint tins, the bottles were hung up to dry.

During the drying process, I turned the bottles around regularly to prevent paint blobs forming at the bottom of the bottles.

It was so easy and now I have two lovely glass paint-dipped bud vases.


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