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Natural ways to decorate a holiday table

Simple and elegant, nature provides us with so many options for setting a natural festive table that is affordable for everyone.


This year, rather than spend money on expensive decorations, take a look at what nature offers to set up a holiday table that is elegant and won't cost you a fortune. We offer some inspiration for using what nature provides to decorate your festive table.

Decorating your holiday table doesn't need to be an expensive affair. Nature provides us with a bounty of items that are free and can add elegance and festive flair to any dining table. This year, forego the expensive table decor and instead opt for natural materials cut fresh from your garden.





One of the easiest and traditional ways to dress up your festive table is to use sprigs of evergreen. Eucalyptus branches are the most popular type of greenery to adorn a dining table, as they not only look good - but smell great too! Alternatively you can use strands of freshly cut ivy placed along the centre of the table.

Add colour to your evergreen decor by adding fresh fruit to the table. Apples and oranges add festive colour to the holiday table, and the kids can eat them as a healthy snack.

Keep it simple and elegant. Use sprigs of evergreen as a centrepiece, or use smaller pieces to dress up crisp white linen serviettes. Wrap them all together with a length of natural twine or rope for an elegant place setting.

Add a more formal look to a natural table setting by including classic candle holders in brass, silver or gold to add a metallic element to the table.

Keep it casual with dainty sprigs of pine or small branches of bottle brush in plain white cases that add greenery to the table. Warm up the setting with candles in wooden candlestick holders and pine cones.

If your holiday table setting is usually more than less, build up layers of table dressing using what nature provides and including a few extras such as broken tree baubles and decorations you have no place for. Wrap small gifts in brown paper with red or gold ribbon and add these to the table centrepiece. This is also a great way to leave out the Christmas crackers - let your guests open a small gift at the Christmas table.

Burlap or hessian is an inexpensive fabric that is perfect for an all-natural holiday table. Make your own place mats and table runners that can be used all year round for any occasion. If you want to add more colour to place settings, sew red or green ribbon around the edge of the hessian or burlap placemats.

It's easy and affordable to make your own festive table decor using what nature provides. Cut logs are ideal for place settings when decorating the holiday table and can replace more expensive charger plates. You can leave the cut logs raw for a natural touch, or use metallic gold or silver spray paint.

Do away with the fancy cake stand this year and choose a rustic wood cake stand crafted from branches and logs. Even a plain Christmas cake looks gorgeous on a wood stand when embellished with a few natural accessories.



Wood is wonderful as an accent and adds warmth to any table setting. Use scrap wood and a 38mm spade bit to make your own decorative votive candle holders for the table. Surround these with foliage and succulents for a fresh setting.

If you have any reclaimed pallet wood lying around, you can use this to craft a rustic wood centrepiece. Fill this with a selection of candles of different heights and dress with baubles and pine cones for an affordable table dressing.

It is really very easy to dress your holiday dining table with natural elements taken from the garden. Use greenery and foliage to craft your very own decorative mini Christmas trees for the table, or even for decoration around the home. All you need is a container, some florist's foam and the tips of greenery. Adorn with small baubles or shiny buttons.

No matter the occasion, nature provides so many wonderful ways to dress up your dining table, whether for Christmas, a special occasion, or even a DIY wedding - and it's all free and readily available.



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