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The Midas Touch for Christmas

Grab a can of your favourite spray paint and add a touch of gold to your decorating this Christmas.


Whether you prefer to use Spraymate, Bravo or Rust-Oleum spray paint, you can instantly add the Midas touch to ordinary home accessories to bring a pop of gold to your decor for the festive season - no matter what your budget. Visit the website to see all the colourful options that you can choose from, as well as metallic hues.

Update your old table and decor accessories with metallic spray paint for an elegant, coordinated table setting. They'll only need a quick spray to be ready for the holiday season, and you can choose a metallic hue that complements your festive decor.





Fake It

Don't be afraid to use fake or silk flowers to make a beautiful arrangement for above the fireplace. Metallic spray paint can be used on plastic and silk to give something cheap and expensive look.

For those who prefer more constraint when decorating their home for the holidays, plastic foliage sprayed with metallic gold offers an eye-catching display with minimal effort.

gold festive mantelpiece display

Give your gifts a sophisticated touch by spraying inexpensive embellishments with a coat of gold spray paint and dazzle your family and friends.

gold wrapped gift

DID YOU KNOW: Spraymate metallic spray paints contain metallic flakes, giving your finished products a unique shimmer effect.

DID YOU KNOW: Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic Spray Paint is a paint and primer in one that provides superior coverage and durability on any surface and at any angle — with the unmatched comfort of patented trigger technology.

Recycle It

Use spray paint to upcycle ordinary glass bottles into a showstopping feature for your holiday dining table. Choose one of Rust-Oleum's Universal metallic finishes and let your centrepiece shimmer with gold, copper and brass highlights.

Recycle brown paper or old packets into wonderful centerpieces. Spray with metallic gold spray paint and dab on your choice of design before filling with fresh or faux foliage to add a unique touch to your table setting.

Make a stylish wreath in sparkly gold by recycling poly mesh bags and adding a few extra embellishments.

Re-purpose It

Add luxurious elegance to any table with metallic gold accessories. Turn ordinary into extraordinary with a coat or two of gold spray paint.

Don't toss out your old accessories - all they need is a quick spray to have them ready for display. Plastic, ceramic or metal, spray with metallic gold spray paint.

If you've decided to change your colour scheme this year, it's easy to give your old ornaments a brand new look with metallic spray paint and some masking tape. Buy sheets of shaped stickers and spray paint these before sticking on plain ornaments.

gold spray paint tree ornaments

Be creative with items you already have around the home. With a little imagination you can turn everyday items into a wonderful festive display with nothing more than spray paint and a few baubles and ornaments.

Save money on expensive charger plates by re-purposing plastic or melamine dishware with metallic gold spray paint.

Make It

If you're doing Christmas on a budget this year, there are plenty of ways to bring the spirit of Christmas into your home without spending too much. Use metallic gold spray paint on plain white card and cut out star shapes to hang from windows or above the dining table.

Collect pine cones to spray paint with metallic gold or copper to hang on the Christmas tree for an inexpensive decorating option.

Dress up plain white candles with leaves taken from the garden and sprayed with gold spray paint. Use natural twine to wrap spray painted leaves around your candles.

Use branches from the garden to create a unique table setting for the holidays. Cut lengths from a tree, leave them to dry out and then spray on a light dusting of metallic spray paint.

An alternative way to use what nature provides, or fake it, is to make a rustic wreath with garden leaves and spray with metallic gold. Hang indoors or on your front door.

Set a beautiful shimmering table with gold and copper accents. While we love monochrome design, an easy way to add layers of elegance is to incorporate shimmering gold or bright copper.


Need to add some dazzle? Rust-Oleum Universal metallic gold and glitter spray were used to transform a plain white charger into an eye-catching table setting.

Whatever style you choose for your holiday decorating, Rust-Oleum, Bravo and Spraymate have a colour selection in bold or metallic hues that will add even more to your Christmas decor.



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