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Grab some Sharpie pens to decorate Easter eggs

Sharpie pens are great for a variety of projects but are a fun way to decorate Easter eggs with intricate designs and colour.


Almost everyone enjoys colouring-in, so why not make your own unusual Easter egg designs with Sharpie pens. You can buy Sharpie pens in almost any colour, as well as metallic and paint Sharpie pens. There are so many wonderful ideas on the Internet for using Sharpie pens to create colourful and intricate patterns, so buy a basic set of Sharpie pens and have fun!



Monochromatic or one-colour easter eggs seem to be a popular craft for Easter this year, and you can find various designs all over the Internet. Vary the design by adding one or two colourful or metallic Easter eggs for more interest.





Find your favourite Easter egg designs to make your own collection of decorated eggs and place in a basket on the Easter dining table, or use for a display.

If you want to bring a metallic touch to your Easter decorations, you can also buy Sharpie pens in metallic colours to decorate your eggs.

Get creative with Sharpie felt pens and Sharpie paint pens to establish your own Easter traditions. You can create your Easter egg designs on hard-boiled eggs, or follow this method to blow-out your eggs before decorating.



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