Looking after your Olfa Cutters

When you invest in an Olfa Cutter, you want your cutter and cutting mat to last a long time. Here are some tips on caring for Olfa Cutters and Cutting Mats.


When your cutting blades start to dull and no longer cut material as precisely as they once did, sharpening them is not really an option as the blade cannot be returned to its original sharpness. The better option is to use dull blades for other uses.



Use dull blades to cut paper, card, and template plastic

• Place the blades in a spare rotary handle or container and mark with a 'P' for paper. Just as you keep your scissors for paper and fabric separate, keep these blades separate as well.

• Make sure to stock up on new blades so that you always have a sharp one ready to go.

• Place old blades in their original container or packaging to dispose of safely.


Care for cutting mats

• To extend the life of your cutting mats and avoid excessive wear, don’t cut repeatedly in the exact same spot.

• Should your cutting mat become worn in the area that you use for cutting, flip it over and use the opposite side or end. You can also use the back of your mat.

• Clean your cutting mat with an art gum eraser found at your local artist's supply store. This helps to pull the fibres out of the mat without gumming it up or leaving residue.

• Don’t leave a cutting mat sitting in the sun or a hot car, or put it close to a heating source. A cutting mat will become warped and will be useless for accurate cutting.

• Always store your cutting mat flat to prevent a warp from developing over time.


Recycle your cutting mats

If you don't like to toss items out and like to recycle where you can, here are few ways you can recycle cutting mats.

Use old mats as templates for projects: Cut them into squares for cushions, rectangles for borders, or whatever template you need on a regular basis. Trace the shape you want with a permanent marker, cut on the lines and you’ve got a template you can use over and over again.

Use old mats to protect work surfaces in your craft or hobby room, or place under your sewing machine to protect tables.

Olfa products are available at Builders or leading hardware stores countrywide. Olfa cutters are distributed by www.VermontSales.co.za visit their website for more information or to find your nearest retail outlet.


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