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Prepare Delicious Meals on a Gas Griddle

Whether you are using a griddle for the first time, or are a seasoned griller, you can make the most delicious and nutritious meals on a gas griddle.



Gas griddles are an amazing piece of equipment that you can use to cook so many different kinds of meals and foods. It doesn't matter that you are a novice or someone who uses a grill all the time, a gas griddle allows you to make the most delicious, easy and nutritional meals, and we include some great ideas to inspire your next cookout.

A gas griddle generally consists of a flat piece of durable stainless steel that offers even heat distribution. With a gas griddle, you don't have to worry about greasy foods since on most models there is a full-width grease tray that catches any grease from your foods.







Most people associate griddles with outdoor breakfasts when you're out and about, camping or having a family picnic. Using a griddle allows you to cook your favourite breakfast dishes and more. Love pancakes? The griddle can make the most perfectly browned pancakes and flapjacks ever. Make it even more special by adding chocolate chips or blueberries for a delightful treat. And you can easily make French toast on a griddle. If you love bacon - a griddle is perfect for this! If you are cooking breakfast for the whole family, you can make scrambled eggs, sunny side up, or omelettes. And let's not forget about hash browns, which can be cooked to perfection.







But why stop at breakfast with your griddle? You can cook on it all day long! For lunch, consider making a hot ham and cheese sandwich. Fry up some burger patties for your kids. Hot dogs cook evenly on this griddle, or why not fry up some more bacon for a BLT.

Supper can be anything you can think of. Consider making your own skillet by cooking sliced steak or chicken with your favourite veggies like broccoli, green peppers, sugar snap peas, carrots, and mushrooms. Cook up a steak sandwich filled with grilled onions, peppers, and mushrooms. You can even fry up a pizza base and add your choice of toppings to keep the entire family fed and happy!

Got a picky kid? Use your griddle to make a grilled peanut butter and jam sandwich. You can also make other combinations, such as a Nutella sandwich with bananas and strawberries, a sunbutter sandwich with jam, or an almond butter sandwich with chocolate chips.







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Everyone’s favourite is dessert. Have you ever had a chocolate chip cookie made on a griddle? Think we are kidding? Once you have mastered making these on the griddle, you will be making them all the time.


Consider oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, or monster cookies.

Besides cookies, there is a whole list of desserts that can be made on your griddle. Grill sliced peaches and then add them to ice cream for a tasty snack. Slice a banana down the middle, add some peanut butter, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips and grill that up. It tastes divine. Mix up some pancake batter and fill them with fruit, jam, or cinnamon and sugar.

Want something that is a bit more healthy for your snack? Consider slicing up watermelon chunks and cooking them on the griddle. Pineapple is equally delicious this way. Grilled apples with cinnamon and sugar, pears with a light caramel sauce, or mixed berries make the perfect way to end a meal.

As you can see, the griddle does not stop at breakfast. All-day long you can cook up the most delicious and flavourful foods with little cleanup. Now the hardest part will be deciding which recipe you want to make.