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How To Fit A Big Bed In A Small Bedroom

Not every house has a big master bedroom and you need to employ a few tricks if you want to fit a big bed into a small bedroom.



Not every bedroom is large and some are so small you can hardly fit a bed into the room. But when the main or master bedroom is small in size and since most of us either have a queen or king-sized bed, you have a challenge on your hands to fit a large bed into a small room.

Fitting a big bed into a small bedroom means that the bed will most definitely be the focal point of the room, but there are ways to maximise the space so that the bedroom doesn't feel cramped.









Light Colours Work Well

When decorating a small bedroom, choosing a colour palette for the room is the key to making a small room feel larger than it is. A lighter or muted colour palette, one that bounces light around the room, will work towards making the room feel more spacious. Consider colours such as a very light taupe (beige), an off-white or a muted grey - all these colours provide the perfect backdrop for introducing other colours in the form of bed linen and accessories. You could look at other muted hues as well such as a pale dusty pink, a light mint or turquoise or even a pale lilac or light sky blue.


Hang curtains that are the same colour as the walls to create the illusion of a larger master bedroom.



If the room is really cramped, consider hanging curtains that are the same colour as the walls. This will let them fade into the background and be less obvious, which will also work towards creating a more spacious illusion.







Ditch The Clutter

A small bedroom won't allow much in the way of furniture but it is best to have less than load up the room with pieces that take up more room than what is available. Not being able to move around freely will be annoying over time and that's the last thing you want to feel in your bedroom.


In a bedroom that is too small for a bed plus bedside tables, look at options that won't take up as much space yet still provide a place close to the bed to store a few essential items.


Since the bed already takes up much of the space, ensure that any additional furniture in the bedroom, such as bedside tables, dressing table or chest of drawers, is not too large that they will overpower the room.


Where there just isn't any room for additional furniture, a floor-standing lamp will provide essential lighting close to the bed.



If you decide to leave out the bedside tables, you are still going to need some form of lighting close to the bed, especially if you like to read in the evenings before going to sleep, or perhaps you need to catch up on some work before calling it a day. Without bedside tables, you won't have anywhere to place table lamps, but a floor-standing lamp can serve as bedside lighting and will take up very little space.


Another practical way to increase storage for bedside tables is to mount ceiling pendants as bedside lamps.







Use Walls For Storage

Other than hanging pictures, walls are pretty much ignored and yet can be useful in a small bedroom. You can mount open shelves on the wall, particularly above the bed, for items such as your alarm clock, books or other items you prefer to keep close to the bed. Another practical solution is to have built-in cupboards wrapped around and installed over the bed.


In a long, narrow master bedroom, using the wall behind the bed lets you incorporate floor-to-ceiling shelves or cupboards.


Even in a narrow master bedroom, you can have built-ins installed to provide much-needed storage. Tall, thin units up the side of the bed are an easy do-it-yourself project or get in touch with a company that specialises in built-in cupboards. They would be more than happy to work on a design with you.


Bottom Line

Even a small master bedroom can be decorated around a large bed and still have room to move around. Keep colours light, opt for bedding that has small doses of pattern and add splashes of bold colour with bright or metallic accessories.





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