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Turn old towels into super-soft mats

Although it isn't time for spring cleaning, getting your home sorted for the holidays is a project you will be tackling very soon. With this is mind, gather together old towels... those that are so thin they are more like tissue paper than towels, and turn them into super-soft mats for a bathroom or bedroom.


west elm

west elm

west elm

Love these jersey rag rugs and mats from west elm. You can fork out about R400, or you can make your own for practically nothing.





Give old towels a good wash before you start. If they are looking dull, add some baking soda to the rinse water to brighten. To make a bathmat from old towels, start cutting your old towels into 15cm long strips of about 2cm wide.

You will need a piece of nylon or rubber webbing for the base of the mat. You can buy this at larger fabric stores. Have a piece cut to the size that you want your mat, or mats. Thread the strips through the webbing and tie a knot at the top.

You don't need to add a strip to every single space on the webbing and you will soon discover where to put the strips for a thick, luxurious mat.