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Wedgit - the toughest leak-free garden system

Wedgit solves all your garden hose problems - with a new range of tough, leak-free garden systems available countrywide.


Wedgit components offer innovative design to bring you an extremely durable alternative to standard hose connectors on the market. The Wedgit connectors are manufactured of high grade, UV stabilised polymer that provides superior mechanical strength and rigidity.

The story behind the unique design started when the designer had the same irritating problem that every gardener experiences daily with his watering system - faulty connectors and hoses that kink and eventually leak. Wanting to design a better garden hose connector, the basic requirement was to develop an easy to use, robust, non-leaking connector.





The unique hose nut on the Wedgit insures an unequalled connection to the hose - any type of hose - whilst a young child can connect Wedgit to the tap or an accessory with ease. Connectors are available for both 12mm and 19mm garden hose. The couplings offer leak-free use, tested to 17 bars - that's 3 times the municipal water pressure. The fittings offer a strong connection to the hose - strong enough to tow a car.

Wedgit also offers their premium Kink Resistant 9-sided (faceted) Garden Hose with a 10-year design life, manufactured in both 12mm and 19mm diameters. The tough and kink-resistant garden hose, together with the durable hose connectors, are fitting companions for the water-wise gardener. This innovative system reduces a gardener’s worst nightmare - kinking, leaking, and breaking. The product has a burst pressure rating of 35 bar for the 12 mm hose and 28 bars for the 19mm, and promises to become an industry leader.

Manufactured in South Africa, this quality garden hose solution promises to be durable and friendly to the environment.

 For more information about the Wedgit product range contact Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711 or visit their web site Find more information on this product at