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Take the Strain out of Upholstery Projects

If you use a heavy-duty stapler for all your upholstery projects, you will know how hard these can be on your hands and wrists, and that's why I prefer to use a Bosch Tacker.


I do a lot of upholstery projects, especially as part of our DIY Divas Workshops where we make upholstered storage ottomans, upholstered headboards, and doing projects for Home-Dzine and other publications.





For a long time I was using a heavy-duty stapler for all my upholstery projects, and this was hard work and you need some serious hand muscles! The amount of pressure required to shoot staples into wood or board is extreme, and if you need to shoot a lot of staples, it can be downright painful.

The Bosch Tacker is lightweight and very easy to use. It uses lithium-ion battery technology so you never have to worry about charging time - it's quick and ready for action when you need to use it.

The push - release system gives you controlled triggering without any effort or hand strain and the softgrip makes it comfortable to use, even for extended use for larger upholstery projects.

The Bosch Tacker retails at around R900 (if not in stock ask them to order it for you), which isn't much when you consider that similar brand models go for as much as R1850, and a manual, heavy-duty staple gun costs about R980. From a personal point of view, if you want to tackle upholstery projects on a regular basis, if you suffer from hand fatigue or arthritis, then this is definitely a heavy-duty stapler you should consider.




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