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Kreg Bench Clamps

Kreg Bench Clamp makes it possible to use the power and convenience of clamps on any work surface.


The Kreg Bench Clamp Base makes it possible to use the power and convenience of Kreg on any work surface, allowing you to create a versatile clamping station almost anywhere.





The Bench Clamp Base is a perfect companion to the Kreg Mobile Project Centre, and it allows you to get more from any work surface that’s equipped with 20mm bench dog holes. Or, you can simply drill a hole in any work surface, and easily attach the Bench Clamp Base, and just as easily remove it when not in use or move it to another location.

How does it work?

The Bench Clamp Base allows you to use a Kreg Bench Clamp on almost any work surface. Tool-free installation allows you to set up the Bench Clamp Base in seconds. Just slip the anchor bolt through the hole and tighten the locking knob. Slide a Kreg Bench Clamp into the Base, and you’re all set. And, you can move or store away the Bench Clamp Base just as quickly, so it’s there when you need it and out of the way when you don’t.

How can it help me?

Holding items firmly onto a work surface can be challenging, and not all workbenches and work surfaces offer this capability. The Kreg Bench Clamp is a great solution for hold-down clamping. The Bench Clamp Base allows you to attach a Kreg Bench Clamp anywhere you need it - on almost any work surface that has 20mm bench dog holes. Or, you can drill your own holes.

The Kreg Bench Clamp Base is easy to temporarily install. An anchor bolt slips through the hole in the work surface - whether an existing bench dog hole or one you drill - and then tightens in place with knob. When installed on your work surface, the Bench Clamp Base can be rotated to any position, so you get 360° clamping range. Plus, you get clamping power, thanks to the thick aluminium base that can easily withstand the full clamping pressure of the Kreg Bench Clamp.

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