Top 5 Reasons Why We Every Man Should Wear a Watch

Below are several factors you need to consider when purchasing a watch and what to look for when admiring a fine timepiece


Watches are timepieces that are created to be worn. They are intended to keep working regardless of the motion of the person who wears them. Generally, modern watches display the year, month, and date. There are quite a few factors you need to consider when purchasing a watch and what to look for when admiring a fine timepiece.

When the watch was initially introduced, its primary function is only for timekeeping. Today, the market offers a lot of variations depending on the person's needs. Automatic or traditional, some people need to wear a watch, and here are some of the reasons why every man should own one.

1. It gives convenience

Most people nowadays may think that wearing watches is unnecessary because of the smartphones that also allow us to keep track of time. They say phones won't make you punctual, but watches do. Little do we know, it is the perfect way to keep track of time. You can never go wrong with the best automatic watches, analog, digital, hybrid, quartz watches that the market offers.

For someone who doesn't have much time to dig and fish in their handbag or pocket to find their phones only to know the time, wearing a wristwatch is the best option for you. This is to save yourself from the hassle and in looking desperate looking for your pieces of stuff.

2. It shows a personal style

For people who have eyes for watches, wearing a specific design and model of a watch tells a lot about a person, may it be his or her financial stability, fashion sense, and even personality. Watches are not mainly for keeping track of time, but it also serves as an accessory to complete any outfit, it could be for a special occasion or just for a casual day.

Imagine being in a crowd with nothing but smartphones to tell time that won't tell you much about these people. But if any one of them is wearing a watch, you'd then have an idea what type of personality that specific individual might have because of his or her sense of style.

3. Minimize distraction

Using a traditional or the classic type of watches without other technological advance features it offers is less likely to distract its user because wearing and knowing the time is its sole purpose. Wearing a watch also avoids causing any distraction and disturbance to other people.

Since you don’t need to dig in your bag to look for your smartphone, stop dead in front of another person to tap the screen of your phone, disturb other movie watchers because your screen light is too bright and you need to check the time, you will have a less chance to get yourself in trouble or be in an argument with some stranger.

4. It is less likely to get damaged than cellphones

Put a sturdy watch on your wrist, and you never have to check from time to time if it is still there. It has been tested and proven that smartphones are more vulnerable to damages, may it be physical or mechanical compared to a wristwatch. We also need to take note that one of its advantages to a smartphone is the length of its function.

You may crash yourself in an obstacle race, drown yourself in the depths of the oceans, be on an extreme outdoor activity, or just suddenly deciding to take a dip after flipping barbeques from the poolside without having to worry about your watch getting damaged. The market offers a lot of durable good quality watches, you only need to have an eye for them.

5. It makes a great heirloom

Not only that, a timepiece a classic gift, but it could also make a perfect and timeless heirloom. Whatever it is that you believe at the end of life, most people can agree that people will live on the memories of those who knew them.

For those who have passion and heart in collecting watches, owning different watches from different generations could be a great remembrance for those who lived before you. Collecting a watch could also be a legacy. It doesn't have to be a million-dollar worth watch because after all, it is always the value and pride you are passing on to someone else.


Creating an excellent relationship with time is essential as most of us don't know how much time we only have. One of the best ways to keep the right track of it is by using the perfect watch for you. Buying a watch is an investment which is designed to stand against the test of time, so make sure to choose them carefully.


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