How Office Refurbishment Can Save Your Business Money

Office refurbishment is the term used to encompass the range of services that focus on renovating and upgrading any office workspace.


What is Office Refurbishment?

Office refurbishment is the term used to encompass the range of services that focus on renovating and upgrading any office workspace. From repainting wall spaces to installing new, ergonomic furniture for your employees, office refurbishment can provide your business with an array of benefits. These benefits will remain evident in the success of your company for years to come. Renovating your office has the potential to unleash unlimited capabilities by enhancing workplace productivity, inspiring your employees and future-proofing your office for the long run.

It should be noted that office refurbishment shouldn’t be something your business needs to invest in on a regular basis. Investing in the services of a reputable office refurbishment company will ensure that your working environment is transformed in a manner that means your office remains a productive workplace for years to come. At Office Workspace, we utilise our many years of expertise in refurbishing the workspaces of our loyal clients. Our exceptionally-well trained teams have gathered an abundance of industry know-how during the span of their industrious careers. This allows us to successfully plan and implement the design and installation of creative new spaces that are both easily adaptable and age gracefully.

Adapting to Modern Working Requirements

Utilising office refurbishment services and evolving your business to suit modern working environments ultimately saves your company both time and money, if it’s done right. The way humans work in the contemporary world is changing at an almost unprecedented pace. Increasing numbers of workers in professional fields are demanding that their workplaces adapt to suit their ever-evolving requirements. The prevalence of companies adopting flexible working schedules for their employees has recently demonstrated the importance of listening and responding to your workforce's needs.

Studies in New Zealand, for example, have established that implementing a shorter working week can lead to more productive outputs from employees. One company shifted its schedule to just a four-day working week to determine the effects that giving employees more leisure time would have on performance. The study ultimately concluded that shorter working weeks encouraged employees to be more productive during the time they did spend at work, without limiting their performance and success levels. There was a 28% increase in the number of employees that stated their work-life balance was manageable, and enhanced teamwork efforts were noticed by management.

The agile working movement is a prime example of how upgrading your office workspace can save your business money. It saves space and energy costs, as you only need to light spaces that are occupied by staff. Implementing agile working techniques improves employee engagement, as they respect that they're trusted to work on their terms. Adopting an agile working environment may also push your business to make the shift towards performance-based rewards systems, motivating employees to excel in their roles and increasing profits.

Stimulating Workspaces that Inspire Creative Outcomes

Upgrading your office workspace by renovating your working environment can inspire your employees to produce more successful work. Implementing design influenced by natural environments, providing lots of natural light, and using vibrant colours within your colour schemes are all ways to stimulate employees as they go about their workdays.

Transforming the environment, your employees spend most of their working week into a pleasant place to be in also demonstrates that you care about your workforce's wellbeing, not just on a physical level, but on an emotional level. The psychological impact of being stuffed into a dimly lit, poorly equipped office space can become extremely disheartening to employees. Providing inspirational workspaces can, therefore, earn your extra business money, as ideas become more innovative and original. Employees become more motivated due to their enhanced creativity levels, and they may even feel a deeper connection with your brand.

Utilising Your Office Space

Successful office renovation companies know the value of using space utilisation techniques in their refurbishment services. Space utilisation involves examining how your employees interact with your current workspace and determining which areas could be used more efficiently. Designing more efficient office spaces can require an array of considerations, from taking into account the number of desks in use at any given time, to working on limiting the scope between employees and the equipment or information necessary for them to complete tasks.

Space utilisation aims to make your office workspace more resourceful; however, this doesn't involve merely cramming as much as you can into as little space as you can. It promotes employee wellbeing by factoring in elements that issue such as personal space may have on performance and productivity levels, ensuring that every member of staff is equipped with the area they require to achieve the best results they possibly can. Space utilisation saves money by making physical office spaces more cost-efficient while also considering employee performance.

Enhancing Company Culture and Retaining Employees

At Office Workspace, we understand the importance of incorporating your brand’s ethos into elements of your office renovation. By weaving the very philosophy behind your brand into your physical workspaces, employees are reminded of company ideals and values as they work. This encourages increased engagement with the work they are undertaking and prompts them to consider whether the work they are carrying out remains synonymous with your branding efforts. This saves time with regards to brainstorming practical new ideas, while the efforts of employees are more likely to promote the success of your company, earning extra profits.

Enhancing company culture will also improve your employee retention capabilities. This means your business won’t have to spend as much on HR and hiring and recruitment techniques. It also ensures the money you do put into training current employees is well spent, as nurturing a healthy company culture means they're more likely to remain with the company for an extended time.

Enhancing Productivity with Ergonomic Furniture

Investing in ergonomic furniture and excellent layout arrangements within your office workspace can have enormous advantages for your company. Ergonomic design involves considering how humans interact with objects and furniture around them, and how items can be designed in a way that promotes good health and productivity.

In the long run, investing in ergonomically designed office furniture will save your business a lot of money and hassle. It is estimated that the majority of work-related injuries are caused due to the prolonged use of office furniture that is unsuitably designed for the task at hand. Injuries such as repetitive strain injuries are common amongst professional office workers and can be extremely detrimental to the quality of work and employee retention levels. Refurbishing your office and kitting it out with office equipment that works with your employees, not against them, will limit the number of sick days taken by staff and therefore help maintain more productive teams.

Ultimately, investing in carefully implemented refurbishment services for your office workspace has the potential to save businesses large sums of money. By inspiring employees, encouraging engagement amongst teams, reducing company sick days and reducing costs spent on leasing premises, successful and innovative office renovations can completely transform the way your company works.

Office refurbishment should enhance productivity and inspires employees. It can save your business time and money in the long run. Successful office refurbishment should be futureproofed; you shouldn't need to upgrade your new office every few months!

Adapting to modern working requirements by implementing strategies such as flexible or agile working can improve the productivity of your employees while saving you costs on rent, salaries and energy.

New, stimulating workspaces can inspire more creative outputs from your teams. Inspired teams are likely to be more motivated and productive, so this will save you money in the long run and lead to more successful outputs from employees.

Utilising all of your office space will save you money on rent and energy costs, as well as allowing you to empower your teams to do their best work effectively.

Enhancing company culture through collaborative working spaces and branding your office reminds employees to stay connected with the brand. This saves money as work remains on-task, and employees feel more engaged with the company. This will save you money on HR costs as you retain employees for longer!

Ergonomic furniture can help reduce employee sick days, enhancing productivity levels and saving you money. Employees will also appreciate your regard for their health and wellbeing, encouraging them to perform better at tasks.

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