What To Do Before Having A Photoshoot At Your Home

Having a professional photoshoot done at your home needs some serious preparation.


Having a photoshoot done at your home needs serious preparation. Without taking the right steps before your photoshoot, it will not turn out as good as you want it to be. If you are planning to use the photos to really make a statement and look professional, then you need to pay special attention to these tips:

Cleanliness and Decluttering

To ensure that the photoshoot runs smoothly, you need to have your home in tip-top shape. Each room needs to be thoroughly cleaned before the photographer arrives, so it would be best if you start to declutter your home days in advance so that you won’t feel overwhelmed on where to start decluttering on the day of the photoshoot. Tackle each room, one room at a time, to make sure each room is organized to your liking and so that you know where each item is placed. You also need to make sure that the kitchen and bathrooms are sparkling.


Lighting is quite important in any photoshoot. You can ensure that photos of your home turn out amazing by having all the lights turned on. You also need to open all blinds, curtains, and shades to ensure that there is plenty of natural light. There are also items that you can purchase to help reflect the natural light, and you can invest in a couple of spotlights to have better front, side, and backlighting.

Seasonal Decorations

Never have seasonal decorations lying around. These decorations make your photos appear outdated after a while, which will require you to have another photoshoot. Indications about what year the photoshoot took place in is also a big no.

Keep Pets Away

Before and during the photoshoot, keep any pets safely put away in a separate room so that they don’t distract or ruin any of the preparations made. Within a limited amount of time, pets can render all the cleaning and organizing you’ve done useless. Not to mention the fact that pets may ruin expensive photography equipment lying around the home during the photoshoot itself.

Secure Valuables Away

Before a whole team of strangers enters your home to take a bunch of photos, you need to make sure that anything valuable is cleared away. You can put them away in a safe or a safety deposit box until you are done with the photoshoot. The photography team may be quite trustworthy, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

De-personalize Your Home

If you want the photos to really make the subject stand out, then it’s important to put away any items that are unnecessary. This means you need to remove anything personal from the area where you’ll be having the photos taken. This includes family pictures and knick-knacks you have lying around.


Remove Trash cans

Trash Cans have a way of ruining the overall look of any photograph. You can avoid this issue by removing all trash cans before the photoshoot. You need to remove any trash bags that are in front of your home as well.
All of the above-mentioned tips are important for both the interior and exterior of your home. No matter what your photoshoot is going to be used for, these tips you can ensure that your photoshoot turns out as amazing as you hope.



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