New Trends in Men's Style and Fashion in 2019

If you thought ladies are the only ones obsessed trends in the fashion industry then you're wrong. Men are also on alert not to be passed by any fashion trends that come up.


If you thought ladies are the only ones obsessed trends in the fashion industry then you're wrong. Men are also on alert not to be passed by any fashion trends that come up. Have a quick sneak peek into any man's closet, and you'll notice some denim jeans, beautiful hoodies, and button-downs among others. They are not left behind in 2019 either, thanks to a handful of fashion trends made specifically for men who have an eagle eye for fashion.

Light-Wash Denim

Denim is one of the best fashions, and it's not going away anytime soon. While the most preferred is the dark wash, 2019 is seeing them switching to lighter washes which are also going to be as versatile as the darker ones.

Sling bags

You won't lack a beautiful bag in a fashionable lady’s outfit. This year, men are also saying they have important items to carry around, and that's why this year they are going to carry that beautiful hand-free sling bag. Sling bags are comfortable and hand-free they are stylish and offer a convenient way to carry important items.

Vintage watches

Vintage watches fit well for both genders and this year; men are going to rock with them. While men do not like too many accessories, watches are every man's favorite accessory, and vintage watches are true to their nature of being conversation starters. You can also match them with simple men's earrings here and add some beautiful touch to your accessories.

Cropped Trousers

In 2018, cropped trousers were highly invaded by ladies. However, in 2019, the fashion is heading straight to men's wardrobe, and you'll only understand its importance when you try it. It is now time for men to show off a little skin and display those beautiful designer shocks.

Neck Scarves

Most people think neck scarves are only used to keep you warm; men who understand fashion knows how they look incredible worn over a beautiful sweater. Though it's listed in men's fashion this year, scarves are gender-neutral, and ladies should not feel shy to try it.

Quarter Socks

Men don't think socks are something to fuss about. Well, women notice even the simplest fashion trend in your outfit and beautiful ones can make you will the heart of that beautiful lady you've been admiring for a long time. You should start shopping for some quarter socks and show them off.

Plaid pants

Plaid pants are also making a comeback to your wardrobe this year. If you love some statement-making edge, this is what you should add to your wardrobe. Ensure you have a variety so that you always stay on point.


Some people think that you can just wear anything during the winter as long as you keep warm. This is wrong because you can still be fashionable if you add corduroy in your wardrobe. So, head to your favorite boutique and get fashionable corduroy.

Mismatched prints

Ladies have turned heads with mismatched prints, and it's now time for man to do the same. You can try out with some bold prints as you indulge in this new fashion for the man in 2019.

There are plenty of fashion trends for men to try out this year. If you haven't updated your wardrobe, then you should try out these outfits and see for yourself how you're going to rock the fashion industry.



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