Why People Are Choosing Gender Neutral Names Nowadays

Gender-neutral names are now trending more than ever for good reasons.


Gone are the days when a baby boy's name should sound brave and masculine. And so as a girl's name sounding feminine, beautiful, and charming, like daisies and sweets. Gender-neutral names are now trending more than ever for good reasons.

Learn why people choose gender-neutral names nowadays by reading below.

Avoid Gender Stereotypes

Choosing gender-neutral or unisex names is a trend. Unisex names don’t seem to bear the weight of stereotypes that are associated with masculinity or femininity. By naming your child with a name that suits both genders, you’re giving the freedom that usually emanates with heavily-gendered names. So, it's worth looking for your next baby's name on a Gender Neutral Names List.

The good qualities associated with a masculine name are considered assets for women. For instance, the common boy name ‘Ryan’ would mean “little king” or “true royalty,” depicts high-rank and authority. When a baby girl whose name is “Ryan” grows up, her name would reflect strength, fierceness, and leadership. People around her tend to treat her as a leader or see her as strong and ‘one of the boys,’ as her name reflects. That’s why gender-neutral names help celebrities draw more fans with their traditionally-masculine names, like Ashton Kutcher, Ryan Reynolds, and Blake Lively.

Some of the names we know today as exclusively for girls were predominantly used as a boy's name. For instance, Margaret is ranked the top 392 out of the top 1,000 most popular names for boys. However, you have to be careful choosing a too-feminine name for a baby boy to avoid being cast away in boy groups.

Fewer Gender Binaries As Compared In the Past

A gender binary is also called gender binarism or genderism. It refers to the classification of gender into two opposite, distinct, and disconnected masculine and feminine forms, whether by cultural belief or social system. The characteristics of one gender names have changed stripes many times throughout history.

An example of gender binary is associating the names Margaret or Mary strictly for girls, or the colors pink and yellow suitable for girls. It's no wonder why people usually argue that makeup, heels, and wigs are only for girls. However times have changed, gender binaries today are much lesser than previous generations. So, choosing gender-neutral names nowadays is not a big deal, but rather perceived as a brave and unique move.

Acceptance of the LGBT Community

The LGBT community is composed of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender people, subcultures, and LGBT organizations, by social movements and a common culture. In the past, the LGBT community is not accepted because of customs and traditions.

With the advent of social media, LGBT communities are now accepted and perceived as a normal part of society. It’s normal to find gays, lesbians, and transgenders using gender-neutral names and even allowed to legally change their names into a boy or girl’s name.

Our society is more open-minded now more than ever. That's why gender-neutral names are also widely accepted and not judged anymore.

Celebrity and Media Influence

People want to be unique. Various media platforms offer an excellent avenue for anyone to express thoughts, emotions, and desires. Gender-neutral names are trending because of media influence, particularly celebrities. That's why naming a newborn baby with a gender-neutral name is not a surprise anymore, and even become more popularized by celebrities and social media influencers.

David and Victoria Beckham named their daughter Harper, and it was seen as one of the most popular gender-neutral names at that time. In 2011, the same year when Harper was born, about 42 other baby girls were named "Harper." In 2016, the number grew 1,256, making Harper the 44th most popular name for girls. In the same year, there were about 45 baby boys who were named Harper, which reflects the gender-neutral trend.

Breaking Gender Traditions

Everyone is created equal, and women's empowerment is already acknowledged. As newer generations exist, gender traditions are broken. Thus, giving rise to acceptance and the use of gender-neutral names.

Choosing gender-neutral names breaks gender tradition because parents are no longer confined to choosing strictly “for girl only” or “for boy only” names. Gender-neutral nursery and bedroom designs are also available. It also means that men and women can take or do each other’s roles with pride and confidence.

Here are some examples of women breaking gender traditions, according to HuffPost:

The founders of the Guerreiras Project found that sports gender roles are replicated in the society. The project expanded and eventually train female football players and conduct research about gender in sports.

Supporting women's communities does not only depend on women. Emma Watson asserted in the #HeForShe campaign of the UN that men are equally essential in women's rights support.


Because people around the world are more open, sensitive, adventurous, and love uniqueness and equality, names are prevalent nowadays. There's less stereotyping, judgment, and cultural boundaries. Also, social media and celebrities play a significant role in popularizing gender-neutral names.



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