Digital Marketing For Construction Companies: How To Increase Leads

It is time for the Construction Industry marketing executives to come out of the office cubicle environment and ramp up the process of digital marketing to re-energize the game.


For a person belonging to a construction company, the world of digital media may seem a bit intimidating. The age-old tradition of designing, planning, construction approval, and onsite approval are the things that the employees of the construction companies were used to. In this era of the digital medium, digital marketing is eating every other form of marketing like a behemoth and forcing the professionals to tweak their marketing policies as per the digital medium.

It is time for the marketing executives to come out of the office cubicle environment and ramp up the process of digital marketing to re-energize the game. At one place, they have to break the comfort zone and have to learn the new things of the digital world, getting accustomed to it at the same time they have to get into speed to remain competitive in the market.

The consumer today has changed and is more informed about the market conditions where he likes to invest his/her time and skill to learn about it before spending their hard-earned money. They would like to have a digital tour of the plan and get a glimpse via the 3D model before visiting the site. Leading digital marketing companies like Jumpfactor need to prepare themselves for this and generate leads to attain an edge over others.

Informational YouTube Videos

The watching time of YouTube in the past years has increased significantly, and the general public is watching videos on all sorts of topics for information gathering rather than entertainment or infotainment process.

Therefore, advertising on YouTube is a great idea for leads generation. Advertisements are linked to relevant topics and videos, such as construction practices, materials, interior designs, property, etc.

Investing in Local Search Engine Optimization

The search engine optimization is the process of getting your website page on the first rank of search engine results.

This will make a brand name reliable where the search result pop-ups at the very first search item. The process of search engine optimization is inherently complex and requires trained professionals in the field of digital marketing.

Web Directories

Web directories are a great way to maximize your digital presence. As a construction company employee, one should target the demographics where one is able to find designers, interior decorators, contractors, architects, planners, and drafters.

Make sure to keep the information short and crisp with full details, such as websites, addresses, phone numbers, and fax.

Social Media Marketing

The world of social media has transformed the medium from a place to connect to friends to the age of digital influencers who can drive the audience towards specific products and events.

Partnering with these individuals will help throw light on the brand, and every message, tweet in support or reply is a potential customer that can be used as a lead. The ads present on this medium are not for the general audience but are aimed at the target audience, which increases the conversion rate of the leads generated.



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