How to Design Your Mini Ice Cream Shop

We have taken five of the most important factors to consider while designing the ice cream shop of your dreams.


Need help designing your mini ice cream shop? We have taken five of the most important factors to consider while designing the ice cream shop of your dreams. Are you ready?

What Kind of Ice Cream

Chances are if you are thinking about how to design your ice cream shop, you already know what type of ice cream you will serve. For instance, gelato, hard ice cream, soft serve, or even all three.

Perhaps you want to be niche and do something like only vegan ice cream, or only different ice cream sandwiches. Whatever the case, make sure you have this decided before you design your shop.

Pick a Prime Location

Location, location, location. A famous saying to depict just how important location is to any business. If your ice cream parlour is placed directly next to an enormous Baskin Robins, chances are you won't get much business.

Pick a place that will get good foot traffic during the day and is possibly close to some nice dinner restaurant. That way you will continually receive customers during the day, while also getting that after dinner dessert rush. When people go out to fancy dinners, especially when on a first or second date, they like to leave the restaurant and find a different place for their dessert. Thus, making your ice cream shop the perfect spot for a late night treat.

Store Layout

Once you have found the perfect place to rent, think about how you want things set up in a practical manner. You will want your ice cream to be on display most likely somewhere in front of the entryway. That way, people can see it right when they walk in, or when they are walking by.

You want to have a good flow with ordering. Having people start on one end with enough room for them to lineup, and then end on the opposite side where there should be a cash register placed.

Make sure you have enough room for some casual seating in the front, whilst still leaving enough room for you to work comfortably behind the counter.

Choosing Your Colours

This is the fun part. What colours do you want associated with your business? Maybe you want it to look quite sleek with a glossy white and silver palette. Or perhaps you want it to be fun and bubbly, making the colours a baby blue and pink. You can always consult a marketing expert for this as these colours will be associated with your logo and overall branding.

Proper Equipment

Having the right tools is vital for any business. You may want to have some Frozenbar ice cream machines, a deep freezer to display your hard ice cream or gelato, and most importantly you will want to invest in a powerful backup generator.

Could you imagine if the power went out, and all of your supply melted away? That would be a huge loss in profits and something you should forever want to avoid.

Time to Start

Now that you have the perfect spot for your ice cream parlour, a layout that will have you and your employees working at ease, an amazing colour scheme, and the proper tools, you are ready to bring this store to life!

Congratulations on taking the first step to making your ice cream shop dreams come true. Hope you found this article useful, and happy scooping!



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