Turning Your Love of Architecture into a Career in Home Design

Civil engineers may work to ensure that bridges are safe and that roads can easily handle large influxes in traffic, but they also build some of the tallest apartment buildings and most intricate residential communities.


Consider when a home builder starts on a new project where hundreds of new houses are to be constructed. Workers who have completed an online civil engineering degree may immediately know where the clubhouse should be located and how the roads should be built to enable residents to get in and out of the development safely. Civil engineering goes beyond just constructing basic buildings so that they remain upright. You’ve also got to make sure that they work well in their environment and look good to boot.





Design Apartment Buildings

Within an apartment building, you’ve got housing units where different residents stay. Then there’s the entrance, the lobby, and possibly a concierge, laundry area, workout room, and a recreational center. If there’s rooftop access for residents then you might want to have an area where people walk their dogs, eat, entertain guests, and possibly cook out. All these areas require a skilled draftsman who has an online MCE degree. If you enjoy including natural elements in your designs then drafting a new apartment building will let you create a beautiful work of art that has substance and functionality.

New Home Communities

Within every new home community, builders have to be concerned with zoning. First, you need to ensure that each lot has the right amount of space so that buyers have ample room for their homes as well as space outside so that they can enjoy the outdoors. Then, each home needs to have proper drainage so there aren’t flooding problems and utility companies can hook-up each house to provide electricity and good internet connections. While an interior decorator may choose between vaulted ceilings, archways, and bathroom fixtures, civil engineers think of the entire design. You’ll be responsible for designing the common areas, the roads, even detailing how long the driveways are so that all residents have the best experience possible.

Custom Home Projects

Civil engineers are also tapped to complete solo projects for individual homeowners. Even people who own tiny homes hire civil engineers so that they can have a minimal impact on the environment and still have homes that are totally functional. Perhaps you’ll get a client or two with hundreds of acres of land and who wants to have huge compounds built. At any rate, you’ll have different projects to complete with different requirements that will have you feeling challenged and accomplished at the same. At the end of the day, your love of home design can carry over into every part of your career.

If you are more interested in structures than individual features, then learn how you can become a civil engineer who works on residential home projects. As your portfolio grows, you can become bolder with your designs, always knowing that your innovations are sound. Since safety and security will be your specialty, you’ll also give your clients what they want as well as what they need.


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