Buy a Brand New (tiny) Home for R43,000!

If you are looking to move into your very own tiny house, you can buy the complete kit for US$3,000 on


Designers around the world are talking about the trend for tiny house living and it's no wonder when you can buy your first home at just R43,000 - or US$3,000. Who would have thought that one day you could buy your very own home, and have it shipped, at this cost, and this is the price that tiny house kits are being sold for.



The tiny house kits are not just available in one design either - you get to choose the design that works best for you. And to top off the unbelievable price for these tiny house kits, you can build your own home in a day! Each tiny house kits comes with different specifications, different layouts and many more features that you can choose from. All the tiny house kits are designed to be a DIY project that can be completed by two people using basic tools

Many tiny house buyers are rushing to buy the designs to use them as a guest cottage on their property or a home office or studio. Others are buying the tiny house kits to set up a destination holiday home that can be built close to the beach or in the countryside. If you have a small piece of land, the tiny house kit lets you set up home in an instant.





The kits themselves range from 2 square metres in size up to almost 8 square metres. And while you may think that is a bit small - keep in mind that these homes are designed for tiny living.

Some of the tiny house kits are fitted with components such as large windows, double doors, spacious lofts, and even wrap-around porches.

Buy your own Tiny House in South Africa

If you are a tiny house enthusiast and looking to set up your own tiny home, in South Africa we have had these for many, many years they are called.... a wendy house! Yup, looking at all the tiny houses available for sale on Amazon, I have come to the conclusion that they are nothing more than a glorified wendy house. And believe me when I say that they are far cheaper than buying a tiny house.



Most of the designs you can buy for a tiny house are already available and all that's left to do it customise with all the features you want. The benefits of a wendy house is that it is portable and can be transported to any location. And as with a tiny house, all design element of these, including size, painting, windows and roof, can be customised to your specific needs.



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