Agile Working Office Design: How it Enhances Your Employees Productive Output

Below are some of the advantages of refurbishing your office to provide an ideal agile working environment for your workforce.


Agile working, as evident by its name tag refers to the process of reorienting your professional workspace in such a way to promote a superior and (of course) a much more efficient and motivating work environment, as opposed to the conventional, and a rather uninspiring blueprint of a standard corporate office. The implementation of such an unconventional and intuitive design of a modern office can come in a diverse number of eccentric fashions to encourage your employees with the utmost sentiment of residing in an ideal space that prompts them to think out-of-the-box, but, more importantly, to help them feel optimally flexible and excited in their workplace (for a change).

Agile working office design is one of the latest developments in the field of workplace refurbishment market that incorporates the ideal functionality of creating an agile environment to stimulate a flexible and productive-centered workspace. You can do this by enhancing/ revamping some of the key aspects of your workstation that directly affects the efficiency of your employees. Some of the vital targets of a normal agile office refurbishment projects include –

Incorporating a better lighting system
Creating a dedicated socializing space
Implementing the latest utility tech gadgets
Making efficient use of the (limited) office space
Revamping the dated layout of your office

While all these renovation aspects can sound and look deceivingly like a novelty upgrade, there are a generous number of case studies and reviews to suggest otherwise.

Here are some of the advantages of refurbishing your office to provide an ideal agile working environment for your workforces.

1. Employees feel "valued."

There is a well-known statistic on the internet that every corporate company is well aware of, and (obviously) tries not to become a part of that equivalent data. The statistics in question here is the significant number of employees who report being unhappy/ unsatisfied in their workplace. In fact, a case study conducted by Mental Health America and Faas Foundation revealed that almost 71% of the current American employees are unhappy at their workplace. There is a wide array of concerning reasons that contribute to these alarming statistics. However, the most prominent reason is the lack of appreciation (undervalued) that an average employee experiences from his/ her employer.

Out of that staggering number, it is important to note that almost 30% of the employees were unhappy because they felt underutilized and undervalued in their own office space. This analogous (unhappy) sentiment often leads to employees quitting, or result in their significant reduction in work efficiency.

Providing your employees with an ideal working space to help them feel optimally comfortable and natural in their office is one of the best strategies to make your employees feel valued, as opposed to simply handing out a jaw-dropping bonus every month. Investing in something like a unique agile office design that is ultimately meant for enhancing your employee's working experience strikes the cord in all the right places.

2. Provides a fresh perspective

The usual routine of any conventional corporate workstation includes a specific set of dictated rules that none of the employees care about. One of the most crucial aspects that play a key role in enhancing such sentiment is the boring and unimaginative blueprint of your office. The conventional and unimaginative blueprint of your office does not encourage any sentiment of doing something unique or unconventional (in a productive manner, of course). A workstation designed ideally to encourage optimum flexibility and promote a balanced vibe of professionalism at the same time can work wonders for your employees to perform better and more productively as well.

In addition, a case study conducted by a New Zealand based recruitment consultancy service provider, Robert Walters show that employees have some ideal workplace requirements that include incorporating some additional features in their office. Out of the wide choice of add-on features, they say affect their workstation efficiency, the three top additions that the majority of employees value the most were –

Air conditioning (64%)
Kitchen facilities (53%)
Dedicated break-out space for social interaction and engagement with fellow colleagues (47%)

Adding such crucial features in your office not only makes your office stand out from the usual bunch of dull and uninspiring workplace, but, plays a key role in providing a fresh perspective, and, of course, to enhance the performance of the employees.

3. Increases workplace satisfaction

An employee who is happy at his/ her workplace is bound to offer superior output than his/her counterparts (obviously), and that is precisely what agile working projects look to achieve. One of the most critical aspects of efficient, agile office design is making optimum use of the office space, as opposed to simply isolating out individual cubicles.

Amongst the various factors that employees say affect their workplace satisfaction is as follows –

Private working space (32%)
Adequate visual portioning between individual workstations to avoid distractions (30%)
Separate rooms for team collaboration and social engagements (28%)

An ideal agile work refurbishment project allows you to obtain all the required workplace features to ensure your employees are enclosed in an ideal environment where they can concentrate and utilize their efficiency to the brim.



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