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Prevent Pest Infestation At Home With These 6 Tips

There’s nothing worse than having your home invaded by a swarm of pests.


There’s nothing worse than having your home invaded by a swarm of pests. Whether it’s ants, cockroaches or rats, there are times where the irritation and frustration is so strong that you’d rather just leave your home altogether! Before you reach that stage of surrender, have hope in knowing that there are things you can do to prevent infestation in the first place. Here are a few tips to help you win your territory back:

Hunt down stinging insects

As the weather gets warmer, bees, wasps and hornets become more active. If these stinging insects have taken refuge in your house, it’s time to claim back your property. Look around your garden, your home’s exterior or your attic for nests that could be in the process of being built. According to, once you’ve located a possible threat, you should always ask for advice on how to eliminate the stinging insects without putting yourself in danger. Having professional advice is always a must so that you can be sure that the steps that you’re taking are safe for your family but effective on the insects.

Check your building’s exterior for possible entry points

You’d be surprised at the possibility of insects waltzing into your home through the smallest cracks and holes. To avoid this kind of infestation, it is essential to find any cracks or holes from the outside and seal them shut properly. Many bugs, ants, and even mice have the ability to squeeze themselves through the gaps in the walls and make their way into your home. Sealing them shut will prevent possible entry and keep your house nice and clean.

Avoid tree branches and shrubs growing close to your home’s exterior

When tree branches grow and extend close to your exterior, it can be a pretty sight. It can make you feel more connected to nature and just looking out of the window and seeing the branches right in front of you can be quite soothing. However, you won’t be too happy when you realize that the branches and shrubs are helping the insects reach into your home. They act as a bridge for carpenter ants and other bugs to get inside your home by just walking across. That’s why it is advisable for branches and shrubs to be trimmed away from your home exterior, preventing the pests from having an easy way in.

Keep your kitchen spotless

The kitchen is usually every pest’s absolute favorite place. It’s like their version of heaven just because of the accessibility to food. Keeping the kitchen completely spotless is essential to avoid pest infestation. Any crumbs will be a trigger for ants, especially during the hot months of the year. Once the ants have taken shelter, only a pest control service can help you get rid of them. Cockroaches, bugs and rats are also drawn to unclean areas around food. If you have a sewage opening and it’s left uncleaned, it can attract cockroaches as well as all sorts of pests. To avoid this hazard, make sure to keep your kitchen clean and avoid piling up unwashed dishes in the sink.

Sweep the floors to remove any crumbs, wipe the counters and make sure there’s nothing left opened in the pantries that could lead to an infestation without you even realizing it. It will be an even better idea if you wipe the floors and surfaces with a disinfectant, keeping the pests away.

Close and seal your garbage bins tightly

Just like ants are drawn to crumbs, insects are drawn to garbage. Think about all the places you’ve seen a cockroach infestation and you’ll understand the importance of not only sealing the rubbish bins properly, but also taking out the trash on a regular basis to avoid it decomposing and attracting insects due to the smell it emits. The accessibility to food in your rubbish bin will be a great reason for pests take shelter in your home. It all comes down to the cleanliness and avoiding having unwanted food within reach.

Avoid keeping firewood piles near your home

Termites and other pests have a strong love for wood. That’s why they tend to build their nests in firewood piles. When these logs are kept near to your home’s exterior, these bugs have a clear passageway into your home and cause quite a lot of damage once they enter into your territory. The thing about termites is that they’re so difficult to get rid of and will only be possible through a professional pest control who eliminate the problem safely and thoroughly.

Having pests at home can be a total nightmare. So, instead of constantly looking over your shoulder and feeling like there’s a creepy crawly on your skin or in your bed, make sure you do everything possible to avoid a pest infestation. If luck isn’t on your side and the pests decide to take over your home, it is essential to resort to a pest control within a timely manner that will get rid of the problem with minimal damage to your home.



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