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5 Carpet Cleaning Hacks For An Easier Life

Take a look below at 5 helpful carpet cleaning tips.



Don't you just hate it when someone drops something on your carpet? Trying to figure out how to clean it and which products to use, it can get very annoying. Take a look below at 5 helpful carpet cleaning tips.

Hiring professional Help

It's okay to get some help every now and then; it would be worth the cost when you're getting excellent service. So many cleaning experts around the world can help you in this situation even if you're living in the capital of England in the UK. There are a lot of carpet cleaning london based specialists that can remove the hardest of stains and offer a lot of guidance and pointers. Sometimes stains can be too deep in the fabric that it's very difficult to get it out, or maybe you have wall-to-wall carpeting, and it's too much for you to handle alone. So a little help won't hurt.

1- Baking Soda

With a carpet that has seen many years, many things have probably been dropped on it. You might have been successful with cleaning it, but it's starting to smell horrible! Using baking soda is a great idea when you want it to smell fresh and lovely, making you feel like you're walking in a field of daisies. Lavender or Wild Orange are always great choices.

2- Hydrogen Peroxide And an Iron

Sometimes the stains are too tough to get rid of. Rough, dry stains like blood, for example, are a pain to remove, but if you dab some hydrogen peroxide on it and leave it for 5 minutes. Then you should iron it a couple of times, and you will see the results quick! Keep doing so till the stain is completely gone, sometimes it takes a few tries for it to be fully clean.

3-Dish Soap

Who doesn't love their pets running around and having fun indoors? However, accidents happen, and they "relieve" themselves on your floors! Don't panic! You just need to get some water, then use dishwashing soap on the dirty area. Leave it for 5 minutes then wipe it. Voila! Good as new.

4-Ice Cubes

Nobody loves that carpet fluff that tends to create dents. A quick and smart way to remove them is by placing ice cubes on the surface. Allow them to melt and then damp with a soft sheet or clean towel. Let it dry completely before you vacuum, and you can remove the unwanted fluff/dents from the fiber using a spoon.

5-Vinegar Steam Clean

A lot of people use steam cleaners, but it's not effective most of the time. If you start adding vinegar; however, you will see the results faster and more efficiently. If you use distilled white vinegar that would be stronger too, just pour it into the steam cleaner's reservoir, and you're all set.

Your carpet is a decorative piece you’ve probably spent weeks thinking about buying. So, we can imagine how frustrating it can be to get stains on it. Just remember, accidents happen, so always be prepared. Carpets can be very difficult and annoying to clean, but with these easy tips, your carpet will look as good as new!



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