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Home Office Accessories to Inspire Your Mood

If you are struggling to get back into 'work' mode after the holidays, these cute and crazy home office accessories will help you get back on track, or at least have some fun doing it!


Express yourself in colour (above) with these mini-highlighters in super-urgent red, anti-social orange, drama queen pink and more fun colours.

I'm a huge fan of Typo and often browse the store looking at what's new or what I can add to my humble home office. This month while doing a monthly browse, I found some great items that will help lift you out of the doldrums if you're struggling to get back into 'work' mode after the holidays.

Everyone needs a bit of fun now and then, and when you're at work you probably need it more than ever. Since your boss would never agree to throw a party, why not add a few fun accessories to your office space. Don't settle for an ordinary pen holder, pencil sharpener or stapler when you can have your very own doggy-style accessories!

And if you're not into dogs, well, they have plenty of other cute and adorable ranges to add a cute factor to your desktop.

Here's a new way to keep your office organised, and show off some bling. Typo have a selection of bulldog clips, including metallic gold - just so that everyone knows you're serious above style and being organised!






For those lunchtimes when you aren't able to leave the office and don't feel like working, why not try your hand at paint-by-numbers? There are several designs to choose from, all of which come complete with the paints and paintbrushes to complete the project. Now you can chill and create a masterpiece while you work!

Forget about doodling on your desktop calendar, get yourself a doodle book and keep all your doodles in one place. Who knows, one day you might look back on this and have something to show your grandkids how you kept yourself occupied while chatting forever on the phone - before you became the CEO!

Every office needs a personal touch, and you can buy pen loop stickers to stick onto your diary or notebook. The elastic loop also keeps your pen safe and away from others' sticky fingers!







Make everything you do more fun with washi tape. This stuff comes in so many designs and can be used to decorate accessories in your office, or even create your own work of art. And don't forget that washi tape can be used at home as well.

Create personalised notes with a wooden stamp set. The set comes in a wooden box and containers A to Z letters and 0 to 9 numerals. This is also something you could use at home to make posters and cards.

Okay, we know how important your job is... so make use to prioritize your work. These A5 sticky notes will up your efficiency with just a bit of humour.



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