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The Easy Way To Set Up Office At Home

Is your employer considering - or already put in place - the option of working from home from your own home office?




With the increase in companies setting up schedules for their employees to work from home, more people are not discovering the advantages and disadvantages of working from home. If your employer is in the process of setting up arrangements for employees for working from home or has perhaps already done so, here are a few tips to keep in mind to make working from home a pleasant and productive one that won't interfere with your home life.







You're not going to be productive enough if you don't set firm boundaries for working from home.




If you haven't already found the ideal location for your home office, you are going to be looking at setting up in an area with lots of natural light that provides a space with absolutely no distractions. That's in a perfect world. For most, it's going to be a case of squeezing yourself into whatever available space you can find and making the most of it unless you want to set up an office on the lounge suite. We already have plenty of ideas for setting up a home office anywhere in the home in our Home Office section, so flip on over there if you need ideas and inspiration.







Apart from enough room to set yourself up, you are also going to need:


  • - Plug point for your electronics
  • - Privacy to close the door
  • - Some sort of office furniture

Not everyone has a spare room standing empty, or a large space where they can set themselves up, so finding the perfect space isn't going to be easy and more than a few people end up working at the dining room table for lack of space. With more people working from home than ever before, transitioning from your office to an at-home situation shouldn't mean settling for a space on your kitchen worktop or your dressing table. So get your imagination in gear to find the perfect space that works for you. You are also going to need inks and cartridges as well as supplies for your printers and can check out Supply Link USA.




Once you find yourself a spot to sit and work, you are going to need to organise a few necessities to ensure you can work without interruption:


  • - Set up a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled printer. This will allow you to work freely no matter what you are in the house.
  • - Make sure there is enough storage space for all your files. Adding some shelves will make that work.
  • - Get handy with a drill/driver if you need to make yourself a desk, shelves or cupboards.
  • - Select furniture that will keep you comfortable, whether it's a standing desk or an ergonomic chair.
  • - Ensure everything you need is close at hand, such as files and stationary.
  • - Tidy up cables with zip ties or tracking to keep them out of sight and out of harm's way.









Wherever you set up your office at home, you need to set up a work schedule that will differentiate between your home and office life. Talk to your family about your schedule and the times you need to set as boundaries for the workday. Emphasize the importance of your work and how everyone needs to understand this moving forward.

Setting up a home office in your home - your living space - is not easy and it's going to take a bit of time before everyone, including yourself, gets used to the idea. At the end of the day, think about the time you save every day by not having to rush to and from work in traffic and make the most of it.






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