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Replace Kitchen Countertop

It might not be everyone's choice, but Formica Countertops are still the most affordable option for many homeowners.

When installing a new kitchen, renovating an existing kitchen, or giving a dated kitchen a revamp, not everyone has the funds to install quartz, granite or marble countertops. For those homeowners, Formica offers the ideal, affordable solution. Formica countertops are also easy to install as a DIY alternative - with products available at Builders and timber and board merchants around the country.

Available in a range of modern finishes (see or, Formica countertops are tough and durable, and manufactured to be able to withstand daily living in the busiest of kitchens. Priced from around R800 per 3.6 metre length - or cheaper on special - you can easily and affordably update or makeover a kitchen.

DIY Kitchen Countertop Installation

With Formica countertops readily available, and the varied design options, replacing kitchen countertops is as easy as removing the old and installing the new. Formica countertops don't require any specialist tools to remove and install, as these are generally fastened to the tops of kitchen cabinets, making removal as easy as loosening fastenings underneath.

You can have a new countertop cut to size at Builders Warehouse and then install this in a day. Click here for advice on how to remove and replace kitchen countertops.

GOOD TO KNOW: Where you need to cut out for appliances or sinks, use a jigsaw and jigsaw blade designed specifically for cutting laminate - or place the countertop upside down when cutting, to reduce ripping around the cut edge of the laminate.

From solid colours, stone-look, and authentic wood grain look, choose the best countertop for your kitchen. Today's embossed and smooth finishes give any kitchen instant eye-catching appeal. And laminate countertops are available with different profiles; including 90-degree, 180-degree and square, for all kitchen applications.

So, if quartz, granite or marble is not in your budget, take a look at what Formica countertops have to offer. Modern styling and durable surfaces mean you can install new kitchen countertops without breaking the band - and you can do it yourself and save even more.


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