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Decorate a little girls bed




Dress up a four-poster bed with thin muslim drapes tied to the top frame, topped off with pretty flowers made from plastic cold drink bottles.

You will need:

Dremel MultiTool
For this project we used the 300 Series Variable Speed Rotary Tool - available at leading hardware stores
125 High-Speed Cutter
Cutting Discs

Rust-Oleum American Accents or Painter's Touch in your choice of colours - available at your local Mica, King's Hardware, Jack's Paint or Home Depot.

Copper picture hanging wire
Craft knife

Here's how:



1. Use the Dremel MultiTool and cutting disc to remove the base from the bottle.

You may need to trim it afterwards with a craft knife for a neat finish.







2. Use the Dremel MultiTool and 125 cutter to make two holes in the cut out shape - one on either side.

The holes does not need to be large, only big enough to insert the wire.




3. Spray the back of each cut out with either Rust-Oleum American Accents or Painter's Touch spray and leave to dry.

4. Insert the copper wire through the holes and thread the cut outs along the wire.

5. Wrap the wire and floral cut outs around the top of the bed, arranging the cut outs as you move along. Wrap the end back on itself and tuck under.