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Garden boardwalk with style

Make a boardwalk for your garden using fence palings or scaffolding planks. This is a nice solution for a home with young children and pets that like to play in the garden - mess gets left outside.


You will need:

14 x 1.2m rough sawn fence or scaffolding planks
4 x 2.4m treated 100mm x 75mm fencepost
1 2 x 500mm treated timber pegs
Strip of 10mm plywood or timber moulding (as a spacer)
75mm grooved decking nails
100mm galvanised nails
Jigsaw, circular saw or handsaw and hammer
Belt sander plus 80-, 120- and 180-grit sanding belts
Pencil and tape measure
Spirit level and set square
Rubber mallet - to hammer in timber pegs
Woodoc 55 exterior sealer - tinted to choice of colour
Woodoc steel wool


Here's how:

1. Measure and saw each fence paling in half.

2. Stain one side of each fence paling with three coats of Woodoc 55. NOTE: After the first coat you need to lightly rub with Woodoc Steel wool before applying the second coat. Allow each coat to dry overnight.

3. Lay fence posts in position, approximately 550mm apart. Dig two shallow channels to accommodate them. Ensure posts are level and the correct height for the finished path.

4. Bang pegs into the ground with the mallet at the ends and centre of each fence post, as shown. Then attach the pegs to the fence posts with two 100mm nails.

5. Stain the fence posts with three coats of Woodoc 55 as per Step 2. Allow 24 hours for each coat to dry.

6. Nail each end of the fence paling lengths (stained side down) to the posts with two grooved decking nails. Use the 10mm piece of ply as a spacer between planks and the set square to keep planks at 90°.

7. Use a belt sander to sand the surface of the boardwalk to ensure no splinters or rough edges remain. For a very rough surface start with 80- and then 120- grit, finishing with 180-grit sanding belts. If you have never used a belt sander before, exercise caution and be sure to read the instructions. Wear safety goggles and gloves.

8. Apply three coats of Woodoc 55 to the top of the planks, making sure that all cut ends are liberally soaked. Allow 24 hours for each coat to dry.

Remember to sand with Woodoc steel wool between the first and second coats. This ensures proper absorption and protection for the timber. If the wood is very dry and the first coat disappears within 10 minutes, apply more sealer until the wood no longer absorbs.

NOTE: Apply weed killer to the lawn between fence posts to discourage weeds from growing through the boardwalk.



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