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Make a splashing water feature

Add interest to a boring courtyard or small garden with this attractive eye-catching
water feature.


The plain concrete floor was covered with leftover clay bricks to add to the new look.

You will need:

1 tall - 1 small terracotta pot
4 lengths of treated wood
Alcolin waterproof wood glue
Enamel Paint or Woodoc Stain Concentrate and Woodoc 50 Exterior Sealer
Bosch PSR12 Drill/Driver
Wood screws and galvanised nails
1.5m length of 12mm silicone tubing
15mm plastic male coupling
Galvanised hose clip
Silicon sealant and applicator gun
Alcolin AquaMend
Plastic garden trellis
Pond liner or heavy duty polythene
Water pump
Smooth bottle glass or pebbles

Here’s how:

1. Start the project by constructing a square base frame from the timber. Use wood glue and screws to fasten together. Paint with enamel paint or stain and seal with Woodoc 50 exterior sealer.

2. Affix silicone tubing to the base of the small terracotta pot using the plastic male coupling, silicon sealant and galvanised hose clip. Allow sealant to cure overnight.

3. Knead AquaMend and glue the small terracotta pot over the hole on inside base of large terracotta pot.

4. Hammer a level row of galvanised nails along each inner edge of the frame, then attach pond liner to the frame using flathead galvanised nails.

5. Fill with water. Position four bricks and stand terracotta pot upside down in the centre of water feature’s base.

6. Attach end of silicone tube to water pump and submerge under front edge of terracotta pot. Cut a square of plastic garden trellis to fit around the base of the terracotta pot.

7. Cover the plastic trellis with a layer of smooth bottle glass or pebbles. Turn on the water pump and enjoy!

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