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Make a potato frame

It's easy to grow your own potatoes and our potatoe frame can be placed in a sunny spot anywhere in the garden to provide you with a supply of home-grown potatoes free from pesticides.


You will need:

[11] 1.5m rough sawn fence palings
Pencil, tape measure and set square
Wood glue
40mm and 50mm galvanised nails
Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint in two colours

Here's how:

1. Saw 10 fence palings in half, as shown.

2. Cut the remaining fence paling into 16 equal pieces to form the interior support struts - see image left..

3. Attach four lengths of fence paling together to form a square, fixing at each corner with glue and 50mm nails. Use the set square to ensure corners are at right angles.

4. Repeat for the remaining lengths of fence paling to form five squares in total.

5. Attach a support strut in the centre of each side of four of the squares, as shown, fixing with wood glue and 40mm nails.

To assemble the planter:
Fix the first two sections together, fill with quality potting mix or topsoil. Plant seed potatoes. Once potato sprouts appear, attach a third section and top up with soil or potting mix. When the potato sprouts appear again, attach another section, top up with with soil and repeat the process once more.