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Build a frame for climbers

Quite a few vegetable crops require a support frame to assist with vertical growth, especially climbers such as beans. Here's how to make a simple climbing frame using pine and chicken wire ...


To allow for rot and pest damage over time, the design incorporates replaceable 'feet' that can be replaced as and when needed. Make a single panel version of this design to lean against ugly precast walls for climbers and creepers.

You will need:

4 of pine planks 1500mm long
4 of pine planks 600mm long
4 of pine planks 400mm long
35mm wood screws
3 metres chicken wire (600mm wide)
Drill/driver with assorted drill and screw bits
Staple gun
Wire cutters
Pencil and tape measure
Woodoc 50 and paintbrush
Woodoc Steelwool

Here's how:

1. Form two frame shapes with the 1500mm and 600mm pieces.

2. Connect with wood screws. Now you have the two sides of the trellis.

3. Roll out enough chicken wire to cover one side. Using your staple gun, staple it to the frame. Pull the chicken wire tight as you are stapling it to the frame, otherwise it will sag in the middle. Repeat for the other side/frame.

4. Lay the two sides flat on the floor and screw in the two hinges at the top of the frame to connect the two frames.

5. Make the 'feet' pieces by using the jigsaw to cut a sharp angle on the 300mm pieces of pine. The pointed side will point downward and stick into the ground.

6. Screw the four feet pieces to the frames

7. Apply three coats of  Woodoc 50 to the entire frame. Use Woodoc steelwool to lightly rub down after the first coat and remember to allow drying time between each coat.

greg holdsworth - vegetable gardener