Easter scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun for children and they are also a great way to turn those frowns upside down when the excitement of the Easter egg hunt is over.



Garden love seat

This slatted garden bench makes the perfect love seat for a garden. It's very easy to make and finished with Woodoc 25W water-borne sealer.



Hanging herb garden

Very simple to make but stunning to look at, this hanging herb garden would look great on a sunny wall outside a kitchen, or even indoors if there is enough light.



Floating pool noodle beverage bar

Use a pool noodle and plastic storage box to make a floating beverage bar for a swimming pool and enjoy lazy summer days by the poolside.



Recycled can outdoor shower

Hot summer days, kids playing in the pool, fun outdoors... this recycled aluminium can outdoor garden shower is one way to rinse off after a day swimming in a chlorine or salt water pool.



Make outdoor tikki torches

Make your own tikki torches using bamboo poles, recycled bottles and a few supplies you will find at your local Builders Warehouse. Use citronella lamp oil and your torches will also keep the mozzies at bay.


Outdoor sofa gets new fabric covers

Having recently made my outdoor sofa and upholstered with navy blue bull denim, I wasn't quite feeling the excitement and sense of achievement that I should have been. So I decided to recover them.


Outdoor storage coffee table

A couple of months back we featured step-by-step instructions for making your own outdoor sofa. In this project we made a storage coffee table, so that we can store the upholstered seat cushions when not in use and make sure they are kept dry.


Sandpit with seating and lid

Young children love a sandpit. This sandpit has a lid that can be easily placed over the top to keep out cats and ensure the sand stays clean. It also doubles as a daybed or play platform when not used as a sandpit.


Easy fabric sun lounger

I have seen sun loungers similar to this on the Internet, but this design has a couple of practical and eco-friendly differences. I used old pillows for filling the sun lounger and it has an adjustable back that allows you to set the angle you want to sit at.


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Gabion-style outdoor table and benches

Use gabion baskets - or make your own using steel mesh - fill with pebbles or stone and add reclaimed wood or railway sleeper tops and you have a modern outdoor dining set that is easy to make.


Tree stump left in the garden

When you have a large tree cut down in the garden, using a tree feller costs anywhere from R2000 upwards - and that's just to cut the tree down to size. So what can you do with a tree stump that's left behind?


Gorgeous outdoor dining tables

If you haven't yet set up a space for outdoor dining, we have put together a collection of gorgeous outdoor dining that will inspire you to grab your power tools and some wood, or shop around for affordable alternatives.


Kiddies PVC pipe garden chair

Here's a quick and easy project for making kiddies chairs using PVC pipe that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse. The chairs are painted using Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint and are finished with colourful fabric seats. You will find more projects like this on


Upholstered cushions for outdoor sofa

My DIY outdoor patio sofa was finished a couple of weeks back and I finally got around to making the upholstered seat cushions.



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Make your own patio furniture

A few months back I featured an article on making your own designer patio furniture. I did mention that this was my dream patio suite and that I would be making my own patio furniture when time allowed and I have now completed the sofa part of the suite. Having priced a similar design at anywhere from R10 000 upwards it will only cost about R2 600 to make my own.


Dressed up flower pots

While looking for ideas for a flower pot arrangement for one corner of the garden I came across these ideas for dressing up plain flower pots using an assortment of branches or twigs.  If you still have some late pruning to be done, or have a pile of branches lying on the compost heap, here's a great way to put them to good use.


Revamp breakfast table and chairs with Rust-Oleum

I am in the process of paving my outdoor area and want to set up a spot where we can sit outdoors on warm mornings and enjoy breakfast. Using cast-off plastic and steel chairs and a concrete pedestal table, everything was painted with Rust-Oleum spray products.


Old garden shed becomes children's playhouse

Having just demolished my old garden shed to make way for a veggie garden, this project that turns an old shed or garden hut into a children's playhouse struck me as a wonderful way to re-purpose a hut or shed rather than throw away.



Copper crafts for garden decor

Copper is a wonderful material to use for outdoor projects. Copper pipes, rings and copper sheet is soft and reasonably pliable, as well as fairly inexpensive. What's nice about using copper outdoors is that it acquires a beautiful patina over time.


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DIY designer patio furniture

Forget my last feature for DIY outdoor furniture, this is definitely one garden suite that I want to build. The outdoor patio suite probably costs a small fortune but is a simple DIY project that anyone could tackle. I would probably use Meranti for the construction, but you could just as easily use any reclaimed timber you manage to get your hands on.


Winter gardening

The sun is beaming in through the windows, the air is warm and crisp and the wind is non-existent. Living in South Africa we are blessed with sunshine for three hundred days (possibly more), each year. And winter is just a quick break from our hot summers - it's also the best time to get planting and preparing the garden for the new growing season.


How to make a concrete bench

Concrete is an inexpensive way to make a variety of projects, but it's also the ideal material to use for making a garden bench that not only offers a comfortable place to sit and relax, but also becomes a feature in a garden. Use powder pigments to tint to a variety of colours, or apply concrete stain for subtle hues.


DIY ideas for concrete or wood garden benches

Making a garden bench out of concrete of wood provides a place to sit and relax in the garden. But a garden bench can also be a decorative feature, or provide storage. Here are a collection of DIY concrete and wood garden benches that you can make for your own garden.


DIY building fences

Using reclaimed timber or planed pine to build an outdoor fence  is an option that allows you to enclose your property with materials other than vibracrete, concrete or brick walls. It offers a more natural approach to adding privacy, plus you have the option to choose reclaimed timber for a rustic finish, or planed pine.


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DIY fold up - drop down table or desk

The secret to this handy wall-mounted table is that it folds away easily when not in use. The two side flaps open up to hold the top of the table in place while you work. You can use this fold up - drop down table in so many ways: in the garage or shed as a potting table - as a handy place to set up a comfortable workspace - or in a small children's bedroom as a study desk.

Reclaimed wood herb or plant stand

I still have a few pieces of reclaimed wood leftover from some pallets I managed to get my hands on. Knowing that I still needed to do a project for easyDIY magazine, I thought it might be nice to make a herb of plant stand using the leftover bits of reclaimed wood and some old drawers that I have been wanting to use.


Make a DIY garden privacy screen

This pine privacy screen is perfect for a patio or balcony. You will find a selection of PAR pine products at your local Builders and you can modify the size of the panels to fit your particular situation - or build extra panels if you need more privacy for a large patio or entertainment area.


Make a kitchen herb tower

This herb tower is easy to make with a selection of different sized flower pots that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse, or may already have lying around in the garden or shed. Pot up with your favourite herbs and place in a sunny spot that's easy to access when you need to pick a few herbs for cooking or salads.


DIY concrete water feature

Buying a simple water feature can cost anywhere from R800 upwards depending on the size. Or you could make your own custom concrete water feature with a few basic supplies that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse and a cardboard carpet tube. Here's how to make a simple cylinder water feature that won't cost more than around R100.


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Decorative concrete planters

Making your own concrete planters is a fun way to create your own personalised pots for a garden. You can add glass or stone pebbles, mosaic or any other decorative trim to finish off the concrete planters. You can also use this same method to create a water feature.


Make a simple raised garden bed

Raised beds are the solution to many gardening problems and you can modify the design for various situations in any garden, whether to rectify a garden that has poor soil, or to create areas that are easy to care for or planted up with assorted vegetables. In this feature we show you a quick and easy way to build a raised bed.


How to install a rain barrel

Prepare your garden for dry spells and reduce water consumption by fitting your own rain barrel. A small rain barrel won't take up a lot of space and is easily fitted to a downspout to collect rain water for use in the garden. Your local Builders Warehouse stocks a selection of small and medium rain barrels, but you could also use a plastic dustbin, large plastic container or drum, or sealed barrel, to serve the same purpose.

Throw a summer garden party!

With our fantastic climate, a garden party now and again is a must - even if you have the tiniest garden! There s nothing better than relaxing in the sun with your nearest and dearest. But the most exciting part of a garden party is setting it up, because you can have so much fun with the decor.


DIY outdoor garden furniture

With easy access to tools and materials for DIY enthusiasts, making outdoor garden furniture has become a growing trend that many like to take on as an alternative and affordable option for outdoor furniture.


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Design a decorative side pathway

If your garden is anything like mine, at the far end of my house the side path is used as a dumping ground. Here's how to lay a decorative gravel and paved path that looks good and enhances your outdoor area.


Comfortable sunroom or patio chaise

I love to stretch out on a hot summer's day with a good book and a cool glass of wine. This comfortable chaise is simply a basic pine frame upholstered with a layer of foam and wrapped in fabric. Dress it up with colourful plain or patterned cushions and it's perfect for a sunroom, covered patio or deck.


DIY outdoor slat chairs

If you need chairs for outdoors, these slat chairs are very comfortable and would look good on a deck or patio, or when creating a cosy corner to sit and relax. They are made of PAR pine that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse and are finished with exterior sealer for maximum protection.


How to make an LED outdoor sparkle ball light

If you have plastic cups leftover from entertaining over the holidays, here's a way to recycle them into an LED light that is perfect for your New Year's party. The light is illuminated using battery-operated LED fairy lights and is stunning once switched on. You can hang it on the patio or in the garden to add fun lighting to your party.


Outdoor garden table and benches

If you're planning on entertaining during the festive season and won't fit all your guests around that small outdoor patio set, you need to make this large outdoor dining table and bench set. The table is large enough to seat all your guests in comfort.

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Copper pipe tikki torches

Make your own tikki torches using copper pipe and a few other essentials that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse. Push your torches into the ground throughout your garden or around your patio, light them and relax.

Nail varnish dipped plant pots

Forget about paint dipped pots. This project shows how you can use nail varnish to add a colourful dipped effect to plant pots, or anything else for that matter. Buy a few bottles of inexpensive nail varnish in your choice of colours and experiment.

Lazy susan turntable for outdoor dining table

A lazy susan turntable is perfect for an outdoor garden table. All your condiments, sauces and jams can be placed on the turntable for easy access to everyone sitting at the table. And making a lazy susan is easy if you use a lazy susan bearing.

Eco-friendly garden craft projects

Here's a way to have some fun with your power tools and be eco-friendly at the same time. We've put together a selection of eco-friendly garden craft projects that will save you money and make gardening easier!

Reclaimed timber garden swing chair

The ideas for using reclaimed timber just keep on coming. These reclaimed timber garden swing chair is made from timber pallets and is just the place to relax in the shade of some trees on a hot summer day.

Classic slat garden bench

A place to sit and relax in the garden is a must have, and this classic garden bench combines contemporary good looks with comfort. You can make the bench out of PAR pine, meranti or any hardwood of your choice. You will find a selection of PAR pine and meranti at your local Builders Warehouse.

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