Paving & Hardscapes

Concrete stepping stones
Making your own stepping stones is a quick and easy project. It takes 48 hours to make one stepping stone, but if you have access to the materials needed, you can make up more than one at a time.  If you can't find a decorative rubber mat to add a fun design to the top of your stepping stones, substitute with mosaic, pebbles, or even thick, rubbery leaves.
Use reclamed materials for garden paths
We have looked at ideas and using reclaimed timber and wood pallet for furniture and other indoor projects, but what about using reclaimed materials for garden paths and walkways. Here are some ideas for using reclaimed materials in the garden. 
Design a decorative side pathway
If your garden is anything like mine, at the far end of my house the side path is used as a dumping ground. Here's how to lay a decorative gravel and paved path that looks good and enhances your outdoor area. The gravel and pave path is easy enough to lay in a day and you will find everything you need for this project (excluding turf) at your local Builders Warehouse.
Low maintenance garden design
As climate change wreaks havoc on gardens, with high temperatures and either low or high rainfall, designing a low-maintenance garden makes a lot of sense. Gravel paths and walkways allow for natural drainage and reduce the risk of flooding during the rainy season, while hardscapes and raised beds create a garden that is easy to maintain.
10 Delightful options for garden paths
Creating an interesting garden path of walkway is just one of the ways to add interest, texture, colour and sensual delight to a garden. When planted up with scented plants or herbs, a path is not just for getting from one part of the garden to another, it's also about enjoying the experience.
DIY zig-zag garden path
Make this eye-catching zig-zag garden path in a weekend and dress up a walkway or side garden. You can get these small concrete pavers at your local Builders Warehouse, as well as all the supplies you need for this projecty. Or pop into your local garden centre and see what they have in stock while you buy some mondo grass for planting up.
Paint a concrete slab or patio
There's no reason why you can't paint a design onto a concrete slab or patio, in fact, painting concrete is a quick and easy way to update a boring concrete slab. As long as the finish is in good condition, or only requires a few fix ups here and there, you can paint the slab any colour, and add any design you like.
Easy way to pain-free weeding
Up to now weeding garden paths, driveways and other paved areas has always been a tough task, with sore knees and an aching back. But now there's the Skil Weedbuster – a handy tool that effortlessly removes stubborn weeds from between tiles and paving stones.
Lay an informal garden path
Warm weather means more days outdoors, which means you need a charming garden path that’s both functional and attractive for you and your guests when it’s time to entertain. When most people think of laying a pathway with bricks, pavers or stones, they instantly envision days of labour. Well, this project is perfect for beginners and can be completed in just one day.
Ideas for paths and walkways
If you have the opportunity to get your hands on reclaimed bricks , these make a wonderful rustic path as opposed to a more formal path using new paving bricks.

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Improve outdoor spaces with pavers
With so many options to choose from for enhancing an outdoor living space, cement pavers allow you to create a beautiful space on a budget, and outdoor spaces are just as important as indoors when more homeowners are looking to improve rather than move.
Benefits of a concrete patio
With more decorative options than ever before, concrete patios are attracting homeowners who want an outdoor surface that offers the ultimate in design versatility. Concrete patios also have the edge when it comes to durability and low maintenance.
Garden boardwalk with style
Make a boardwalk for your garden using fence palings or scaffolding planks. This is a nice solution for a home with young children and pets that like to play in the garden - mess gets left outside.
An outdoor sanctuary with tile
The heady days of summer provide us with an opportunity to spend more time outside the home to unwind from the fast pace of modern living. Turn your outdoor sanctuary into an attractive spot where you can entertain and celebrate with friends and family in pure alfresco bliss.
Lay an informal gravel path
What's the point of a well-maintained garden if trying to get around it means trampling the marigolds and leaving your paw prints in the perfectly clipped lawn?
Pavement perfection
You have a beautiful house, with a lovely garden and a nice paved driveway, but all your guests notice when they arrive, is the dull, ugly pavement that welcomes them to your home. First impressions are everything and therefore it is important that the area visitors see first, in other words your pavement, is just as beautiful and decorative as your home is.

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Lay a brick pathway
You don't need heavy equipment and a week of work to lay an attractive and durable path. We designed this one for simplicity and ease of construction. It's made from old street pavers and granite cobbles set on a sand bed.
Plant up a pathway
Not all paths and walkways have to be straight and narrow. A meandering pathway or a combination of pavers and plants can soften and otherwise hard gardenscape.
Add curb appeal
Just as your home makes a statement about who you are and what you value, so do the patios, walkways and driveways that connect your home to the outside world.



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