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How to use a spade bit

A spade bit looks a bit like it's name sake... It is shaped like a spade and is used for drilling [digging] a hole in timber and board.


Used as an attachment in a drill/driver or impact drill, the spade bit is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 10mm up to 40mm in width. Used primarily to drill a hole in timber or board, the spade bit can be used in so many ways to create decorative projects.

How to use a spade bit:
1. Always clamp the project before using a spade bit, as it could cause the project to spin.

2. Position the tip of the spade bit at the centre of where you want to position the hole.

3. Press down hard so that the tip goes into the surface of the timber or board.

4. Start the drill motor at a slow speed and hold it steady as the bit grabs the wood.

5. Increase the drill speed steadily.

6. Drill completely through the work piece and back the bit out smoothly with the drill still going.

DIY Tip:
By placing a scrap piece of timber or board underneath where the hole will be, you will have a much cleaner exit hole on both sides of the timber or board.

You can also use a spade bit to create deeper holes in thick pieces of timber for using shorter, thicker screws [see Top]. A spade bit also comes in handy when you need use recessed nuts and bolts. Use a spade bit of 38mm or 40mm in width to create wonderful candle holders. All you need are some pine offcuts, Woodoc gel stain and tealight candles to create decor for your home, or gifts for family and friends.


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