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DIY mini bar cabinet

This drop-down drinks cabinet is ideal for on the patio, in a sun room, or even mounted on a balcony. It allows you to keep glasses and accessories handy, and the drop-down shelf provides a serving space without taking up any valuable floor space.


I spotted this quick and easy bar cabinet and thought that many of you mind find it useful for indoors or outdoors. You can buy everything you need at your local Builders Warehouse and it will only take about an hour to make.

You will need:
16mm SupaWood cut to the following sizes
1 of 200 x 800mm - top
1 of 180 x 768mm - base
2 of 180 x 300mm - sides
1 of 180 x 284mm - centre divider
1 of 180 x 352mm - shelf
1 of 300 x 800mm - door
1 of piano hinge cut to 768mm length + small screws
4 large steel angle braces
2 lengths of chain link
Wood glue 180-grit sandpaper
Paint to finish
Handle and screws

Here's how:
 1. Attach the sides to the top by drilling 2 pilot hole and countersinking through the top. Use wood glue and screws to attach. Add the bottom by drilling 2 pilot holes and countersinking through the sides. Use wood glue and screws to attach.

2. Measure 400mm from the left side and draw a line. Use this line to attach the centre divider by drilling pilot holes through the top; countersink and drive in screws to attach. The centre divider should be mounted on the right side of the drawn line.


3. Measure down 140mm from the top and draw a line. Mount the shelf under this line by drilling pilot holes through the sides; countersink and drive in screws.

4. Use a small amount of wood filler to fill in all drilled holes and let this dry. Once dry, sand the entire assembly with 180-grit sandpaper until smooth. You can also sand the drop-drown door section.

5. Before continuing the assembly, now is a good time to paint the cabinet. You can use any acrylic paint, or Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint to finish.

6. Screw the piano hinge to the bottom edge of the cabinet, as shown below.

7. Attach the other side of the piano hinge to one edge of the drop-down door section. You can also now add a chain link to the inside of the frame and top of the drop-down door, as shown below. Use small screws to attach the chain link. Cut the chain link so that it allows the door to lay level.

Finishing & Mounting
Attach your choice of handle to the front of the drop-down door. To mount the cabinet onto the wall use two large angle brackets. Attach these to the back underside of the top and base, and then mount the bracket onto the wall using wall anchors and screws. Install a magnetic door catch to hold the door closed when not in use.


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