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Turn your Dremel Multitool into a mini router

Did you know that you can so easily turn your Dremel Multitool into a mini router and use it for small decorative edging projects or to cut slots and dadoes, or for detailed engraving.


If you already own a Dremel Multitool you will already know how versatile this little  tool can be. But did you also know that simply by adding a Dremel Plunge Router Attachment your multitool turns into a mini router that is perfect for small projects. Retailing at R449 if you buy online from tools4wood, this handy attachment takes owning a Dremel Multitool to a new level.

To demonstrate how handy this attachment is we used our favourite Dremel 8200 with Plunge Router Attachment to add a decorative edge to a media cabinet that we made and will be sharing with you shortly.

Setting up a Dremel Multitool to work with the attachment is easy: Attach your desired profile bit (#615) and screw the multitool into the opening in the Plunge Router Attachment.

The attachment comes complete with a wrench for tightening and loosening the tool.

There are several bits available that allow you to plunge cuts, or cuts within the work piece. This is especially handy if you want to do detailed engraving. However, if you are doing plunge cuts in harder woods or MDF, make progressively deeper cuts rather than one single deep cut. 

For decorative edging place the plunge attachment against the edge of the board being cut to set the correct depth.

Now we're ready to add a decorative edge to our cabinet top. Always remember that you need to work in the direction that the cutting bit is turning - in our case we are working along the edge from left to right. This allows for a smooth cut that does not put any strain on the motor. Always thing about the way you are working if you want to avoid overloading the motor. 

When making deep cuts, grooves or edges it is far better to do this with more than one cut. Set the depth higher and lower for the next cut.


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