Easy corner clamp jig

When you are working on your own to make furniture or projects, it's always handy to have a trick or two up your sleeve. This handy corner clamp jig is one of those!



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Tips for working with pallets

When working with reclaimed timber pallets you have to not only inspect and select the right pallets, you have to exercise caution when breaking these down. Here are some tips to keep you safe and make the job easier.


Quick Tip: Filling screw holes with wood filler

If you have ever filled a screw hole with wood filler, and especially in SupaWood / MDF,  you will know that the wood filler cracks or even falls out. Here's a quick tip to ensure holes stay filled and prevent cracks.


Keep your power tools in tip-top condition

You invest a lot of money in power tools, so it makes sense that you look after them. Keeping them cleaned and lubricated is essential. Here are some tips to help you look after your power tools.


Oil door and gate locks with ease

Ever tried getting just a tiny amount of oil into the workings of a lock or some other confined space and given up – or put so much in that it overflowed all over the place?



A holder to keep bits safe and dry

This simple drill-bit storage pipe will keep your drill bits free of moisture, and safe from damage, and is easy to make using PVC pipe and fittings.


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Cutting manual mitre joints

We may be taking a step back in time here, but there are still plenty of DIY enthusiasts who still use a handsaw for cutting. Here's how to cut 45-degrees mitres to make a variety of projects, including a basic frame bed for a child's bedroom.

Quick tip for using wood filler

Wood filler is an easy and permanent way to cover up screws in wood. There are a few tips and tricks that should know that will help in a professionally finished project.

How to achieve perfectly rounded corners... every time

When you are making your own furniture you want perfection... or as close to it as possible. Here is a tip on how to achieve perfectly rounded corners for all your projects.

Easy way to use a plug cutter

Plug cutters are handy to have if you love working with wood. But if you don't want to go to the expense of buying a drill press, here's a nifty way to make your own plugs without a drill press.

Countersink for professional finish

A countersink bit is essential when joining projects with screws. A countersink bit allows the screw to be driven below the surface of board products to allow for a variety of finishing options.

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How to achieve successful DIY projects

Even a beginner DIY enthusiast can create perfect projects. It is important to note that no project is free of flaws but there are tips and techniques that you can apply to create a project that looks perfect.

Save on sandpaper

When investing in a sander the DIY Divas recommend that you have an Orbital sander for large areas, and a Random Orbit sander for fine sanding and finishing. Here's a great way to save money on consumables, such as sanding pads.

DIY Divas workshops Jan / Feb 2016

Start the year off by signing up for a DIY Divas workshop in Joburg or Cape Town.



Drill straight holes into walls

Even the most experienced DIYer can struggle to drill perfectly horizontal holes in walls, but beginners struggle even more. Here's a tip to make drilling straight holes easier.


Recycle plastic bottles into dust and drip collectors

When drilling into or painting ceilings mess and drips are inevitable. Now you can recycle a plastic bottle into dust and drip collectors.


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Safe fitting of lights and fans to ceilings

When fitting new lights fixtures, smoke detectors, security alarms or fans to a ceiling, it is safer to use the proper fixings to ensure fittings are secure and won't fall down.



Invest in a pipe cutter

Pipe cutters are handy to have when you need to cut pipe to length. Vermont Sales offer a range of pipe cutters that you can find at hardware stores around the country.


Buying a staple gun

When undertaking any type of upholstery project you will want to equip yourself with a staple gun. Nowadays there are various types of staple guns on the market, ranging from the heavy-duty manual staple gun, to a pneumatic or air staple gun.

Make your own pockethole plugs

Using the patented pockethole jig and accessories the pockethole system creates an angled slot for a strong and sturdy joining method. While the kits do come with a few pockethole plugs, more than this and you will need to buy additional plugs. In this project we show you how to make your own pockethole plugs.

Any easy and lasting way to repair chips and dents in wood

Epoxy putty for wood - QuikWood - allows you to instantly repair chips and dents, or even rebuilding broken or missing pieces on detailed wood furniture.



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Make a mitre box

If you need to cut moulding or trim, a mitre box allows you to easily line up and trim sections to size. Here's how to make a simple mitre box for your workshop.



DIY workshops for kids and teens

The DIY Divas will be hosting DIY Workshops for Kids and Teens during the October school holidays. If you have a DIY wunderkind in your family... send them along!



What is the best way to join wood for DIY furniture projects?

 I have dabbled with dovetail joints and made furniture using mortise and tenon joints, but at the end of the day I make furniture that is affordable, modern and takes the least amount of time. Traditional carpentry has it's place if you are looking to make heirloom furniture, but for most DIY enthusiasts we want to use materials that are readily available and fit in with our modern lifestyle.

Dremel Workshop

If you enjoy arts and crafts and crafty DIY projects you won't want to miss the Dremel Tools workshop this coming Saturday at DIY Divas in Randpark Ridge.



Intro to using a router

The DIY Divas in Randpark Ridge will be hosting a Router Workshop for beginners. Designed as an introduction to using a Router, the workshop will include tips and tricks for using a router for furniture and decor projects.


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Tips on using a hole saw

There comes a time when you need to drill circular holes in a project if you want to add design features. We provide some tips on how to use a hole saw.



Recycle a tin into a tool kit

Quite a few smaller tools comes in tins these days, and it seems a waste to throw these away. I turned my empty Bosch Tacker tin into a handy tool kit.



Sand sensibly and save time and money

For many DIY enthusiasts and amateur woodworkers sanding is probably the least enjoyed part of any project. But if you do it right, you can spend less time sanding and save money on sanding paper or pads.


Making furniture with a Kreg Pockethole Jig

Most amateur DIY woodworking enthusiasts generally have most of the latest tools and machines but are always on the lookout for that one tool that is so clever is actually makes projects easier - the Kreg Pockethole Jig is one of those tools.


Alpen drill bit sets

When you are tackling home repair, home maintenance or home improvements projects you don't want inferior quality accessories to let you down while. Quality accessories might cost you more, but at the end of the day they actually save you money.


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Simple picture frame clamp holder

Making your own picture frames allows you the freedom to create custom picture frames for a home. This simple picture frame clamp holder makes the project even easier.


Make perfect mitre joints

Mitre joints are handy for a variety of projects, but getting them perfect every time can be a challenge. We offer some tips on achieving accurate mitre joints that match up nicely.


Make your own decorative doors

Being able to use a router to make decorative kitchen cabinet doors allows you to replace old cabinet doors with do-it-yourself doors in any size or design.

Handyman Direct online services

In today's world, finding a reliable and competent contractor can be challenging. That's why online services such as that offered by Handyman Direct are a lifesaver. They can assist you with a handyman for all your building and property maintenance needs.

Wax candle finish for wood

Using candle wax to protect your small wood projects is an easy way to apply a water resistant finish that looks gorgeous - and only costs the price of a wax candle!

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What you should know about MDF or SupaWood

It's affordable and easy to work with, but there are safety precautions that need to be in place when working with SupaWood or MDF.

DIY 4 Beginners website and app

Skil has launched an extremely user-friendly DIY platform that offers helpful information and advice to assist people with their home projects, regardless of their experience or prior knowledge of DIY.

Use the full potential of a drill/driver

More than just a combination screwdriver and drill, you can use a drill / driver for so many home DIY projects and tasks by using various and accessories that enhance what a drill / driver can do.

Eclipse FLAT table bases

Summer is definitely here and South Africans will be spending more time outdoors. If you haven't already made yourself a garden table you might be interested in the new range of FLAT table bases from Eclipse.

How to make a DIY shelf unit

Use meranti to make a simple yet practical wall-mounted shelf unit. For this shelf we show you two methods of joining the boards together; using a biscuit jointer or using a Kreg pockethole jig.

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Easy way to install drawer runners

Mounting drawer runners can be tricky if you don't get the measurements right. I recently posted easy DIY tips for mounting metal drawer sides on runners and in this feature you will discover an easy way to mount ball-bearing drawer runners. Once you see how easy it is to mount drawer runners this way you will soon be making chests of drawers and  adding drawer storage to cabinets!

How to separate ball-bearing drawer runners

Drawer runners are essential if you are making furniture that incorporates drawers. There are various types of drawer runners, but the ball-bearing ones offer smooth opening and closing and are easy to fit.

Over 2000 uses forWD-40

Around this time of year and as part of my annual home maintenance regimen I like to grab a can of WD-40 and go around the house, spraying essential components to protect them from damage by moisture and rust.

Make your own easy way to clamp corners

When you are making picture frames or projects that require corner clamping, these homemade frame clamps allow you to do away with straps and large clamps. The clamps are designed to fit into any corner and allow you to use standard quick clamps for securing glued frames.

How to remove stripped screws

I recently posted a feature on how to dress up a plain hollow-core door. In the feature I didn't include the fact that the screws in the door were completely stripped and impossible to remove. So for anyone who encounters this problem, here's how to remove stripped screws...

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Fix up loose bathroom fittings

When you buy fittings and shelves, these usually come with plastic wall plugs and screws for mounting. The first thing you need to do is throw away the plastic wall plugs, because they are useless! Use them and sooner or later (most probably sooner), the fittings will start to come lose.

Seal gaps around wooden windows and doors

Gaps in and around window and door frames should be sealed as soon as any cracks or opening in the joints occurs. Failure to fill in these gaps will result in moisture gaining access to the wood and leading to wood rot and eventual disintegration of the wood.

Where to buy timber and board

I get a lot of readers asking me where is the best place to buy timber and board products. While Builders Warehouse offers a range of timber and board and has branches around the country, there are other suppliers that offer a more extensive range.

Know your handsaws

While power tools may have made the handsaw obsolete, there is still a place in the home workshop for this hand tool, especially for cutting timber and if you don't own a jigsaw or circular saw. There are various types of handsaws, each with its own unique characteristics and uses.

How to mount and overlay hinge

When making doors out of 16mm SupaWood you have to take into consideration the weight of the finished doors. If you are building a largish cabinet, say anything from a height of 800mm upwards, the doors will be heavy and require heavy-duty hinges rather than standard butt hinges. Using an overlay hinge is the answer.

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Drill porcelain tile with ease

Glass and tile drill bits are the answer to drilling holes in glass and tile, but minor chips are inevitable. The new Alpen Keramo Extreme glass and tile bit is designed to drill holes in extremely hard porcelain tiles up to Mohs/Ritz hardness 9, as well as glass and ceramic tiles.

How to... Shop for a drill/driver

Buying your first set of power tools can be intimidating. If you don't know exactly what you want, you could end up with something you don't need. In our how to shop for a drill/driver we take a look at where to buy a drill/driver and the various models available, so that when you are ready to buy your first drill/driver - you know which one you need.

Choosing the right screw for the job

Selecting the right screws for your project can be confusing, especially when instructions start referring to pan head, round head, drywall and chipboard screws. Here on Home-Dzine we try to keep it simple and use screws that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse.

DIY is on the increase

More people are realising that do-it-yourself is not just a way to knock a hole in the wall. Attendance at DIY Divas workshops is a sure indication that Gals and Guys are looking to empower themselves with the skills to tackle a wide variety of home improvement, maintenance and repairs.

How to use a screwdriver bit properly

We have seen more than a few beginner DIY enthusiasts who attend our DIY Divas and DIY Guys workshops. One common problem that seems to occur over and over is using a screwdriver bit in a cordless screwdriver or drill/driver.

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Tips for using an electric planer

Using an electric planer allows you to shave, trim and easily remove excess wood for edges. You can use an electric planer for cutting doors to size, levelling uneven floorboard or planks and removing saw roughness. In this article we will introduce you to using an electric planer for the first time, as well as provide a few tips, tricks and techniques.

Tool tips for DIY Divas & DIY Guys

The do-it-yourself trend continues to grow throughout South Africa as DIY Divas and DIY Guys realise the benefits of having the knowledge and basic skills to tackle home improvement, maintenance and repairs, and be able to make your own furniture and accessories with a few basic hand tools and Bosch power tools.

Stylish storage for living spaces

As far as affordable furniture goes, Ikea definitely offers the widest range of options for living room storage. Unfortunately we can't buy Ikea furniture here in SA, but that doesn't mean you can't grab your tools and make your own stylish storage furniture. Here are some tips to guide you...

How to paint handles and hardware

When you restore, upcycle, repurpose or make your own furniture, painting you want to be able to paint handles and hardware to match the finished project. Plus, you can't always find what you need in the stores, so it helps to know that you can - and how to - paint handles and hardware.

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How to use a spirit level

No DIYer or Home Handyman should ever be without a spirit level - small or large. A spirit level is used for determining horizontal and vertical levels and can be used on a variety of DIY projects in and around the home.

What is a plumb bob and how do I use it?

When taking on DIY projects such as tiling walls, fitting cabinets, installing door and window frames, or any project where you need to determine the level of a vertical surface, you will need to use a plumb bob - or laser level.

Use roofing washers on bathroom & outdoor furniture

Being able to use SupaWood for bathroom furniture projects allows you much more scope when designing affordable cabinets and cupboards for a bathroom. However, we know that SupaWood is super-absorbent and should not be placed on a bathroom floor, or else it will swell. To overcome this problem I add roofing washers to the bottom of my bathroom furniture.

How often should I clean my tools ?

At our DIY Divas workshops we often get asked how power tools and hand tools should be cleaned. Not only does regularly cleaning your tools extend their life, it also allows you the opportunity to ensure they remain free from rust (if they have metal parts) and apply lubricant.

What are cam or locking screws?

You will normally find cam screws on furniture designed to be shipped as flat-pack or where some assembly is required. Cam or locking screws are 2-part screws where the cam is fitted in one piece and the screw in a piece to be joined to this piece. By slotting the two pieces together and tightening the screw you have a reasonably secure join.

Clever tips and tricks for DIY

There are always a few tips and tricks that you can put to good use - whatever DIY project you may be tackling. Here are just a few clever tricks I have learned along the way...

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