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Fresh interior design ideas

With spring just one month away, I decided to revisit fresh white interior design for those who prefer a monochromatic or neutral colour scheme for decorating a home. White, whether walls and trim or just a few accent pieces, dress any home with timeless elegance and make a small space visually larger. Plus, white goes with any colour or texture, allowing you to dress up a space in line with your own personal style with little effort.


Taking inspiration from interior designer Martha O'Hara, one thing that is abundantly clear is the use of white as either a background or as an accent for her traditional room settings. It is this abundant use of white as a design ethic that essentially creates room settings that are timeless and elegant.

Bring together fresh white walls and trim with Plascon Atlantic Beach [B5-B1-1], a deep blue that can be used for small accent pieces or upholstered furniture.

Interiors might tend towards traditional, but that doesn't mean you can't incorporate a few modern touches along the way. Love this chevron patterned fireplace surround.

Plascon Whisper [B5-E2-3] walls complements the white trim and ties together the room with a cohesive look by using hues from the upholstered furniture and floor rugs. Add  splash of accent colour with Plascon Mystic Tulip [R1-A1-1], a ruby red and Turkey Dimple [R1-A1-4] a soft pink colour.

White accent pieces become an instant feature in rooms decorated in muted colours. Whether walls are painted in muted tones or dressed with vibrant patterned wallpaper, take a look at the home interiors featured on this page and you will immediately notice how white accents are incorporated.

Plascon Grimsby walls [B5-E2-2] and white trim create the perfect canvas for blue accents. Take your colour cues from Plascon Monet Magic [B3-A1-1], Angela Bay [B3-A1-2], Blue for You [B3-A1-3] and Blue Wing [B3-A1-4].

Taupe and yellow may not generally be considered as traditional colours, but these complentary colours add a dash of warmth to an otherwise all-white room.

Choose hues from Plascon Tumbled Stone [O2-E2-2], Spice Nut [R6-E2-2] or Beige Rage [R4-E2-2].

Any colour works well with white, but blues have a relaxing and cool effect in any room. Plascon Blue Bay [B5-A1-3] on walls contrasts with white built-in furniture and painted trim.

White kitchens are definitely on the up-and-up and I love the fresh clean look of a kitchen dressed in white with a few accent colours or metallics. White marble or quartz tops definitely add an element of bright space to any kitchen and allow you to incorporate colours in a multitude of ways.

Use Plascon Whisper [B5-E2-3] in Velvaglo water-based enamel for painting kitchen cabinetry to provide a sharp contrast with white walls and cabinets.

Not everyone is a fan of white countertops, especially when they tend to show every single crumb, but dark countertops surrounded with white painted trim look just as stunning.

Martha uses white as a backdrop for all her interior designs, whether living rooms, bathrooms or bedrooms. It's like working with a blank canvas and layering colours to create a final piece of art. Depending on you personal style you can use subtle colours for a more relaxed setting, or add bold colours for something a tad more dramatic.

When choosing colour for decorating a home it is important to view actual colour swatches. What you see on your PC screen can differ substantially from the actual colour. Visit your local Builders or Plascon paint store and take home a selection of swatches and view these under different lighting conditions before making your final decision.

Try out Plascon's new SwatchIt colour app.


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