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Make a garden tool holder

Tired of losing your garden tools? Keep them together in one stylish package.


You will need:

Sewing machine
Half a metre of oilcloth
Half a metre leather or vinyl
1.5m of contrasting coloured 12mm-wide bias binding
1m ribbon
Matching threads
Scissors, ruler and tailor’s chalk
A glass or cup

Here's how:

1. Cut two rectangles measuring 45cm x 35cm from the oilcloth. These are the front and back pieces. Cut one rectangle in vinyl, measuring 45cm x 18cm, for the tool pocket. This should fit standard size tools, but if you have bigger tools, measure the length and width of the largest and adjust the size accordingly.

2. Starting from the wrong side, take the bias binding and unfold it, and pin onto one long edge of the vinyl pocket piece. Stitch in place, use the fold as your guide. The seam allowance should be about 5 to 6mm wide. Fold the bias binding over to the right side and topstitch in place.

3. Place the two oilcloth pieces on top of each other, with wrong sides together. Then align the vinyl piece along one of the long outside edges, and pin all three together around the outer edge. Using the glass or cup as a guide, sit it along the two sides of each corner and mark round the glass or cup to create a rounded edge, then cut away excess. Stitch all pieces together around the outside edge.

4. At 11.5cm intervals, rule a chalk line from the lower edge of the pocket up to the bound edge. You should mark three lines to create four divisions for the tools.

5. Topstitch along each chalk line to create divisions. Double stitch each line to give it extra strength.

6. Starting from the outside, take the bias binding and unfold it, and pin around the entire outside edge of the tool tidy. Stitch in place, using the fold as your guide. The seam allowance should be 5 to 6mm wide. Fold the bias binding to the inside and topstitch.

7. Take the ribbon and measure half-way along it, and pin onto the outside of the tool tidy where the pocket topstitching bisects the shorter side. Topstitch in place. Fill each pocket with a tool, roll it up and tie the ribbon to secure.

Tool tidy tips
• We chose an oil cloth cover for our handy tool tidy because you can place it on damp ground and it won’t get soaked through.

• If you want a to use a fabric for the outside that’s neither durable nor waterproof, strengthen it with iron-on interfacing and line it with clear PVC. Just add the extra layers and carry on with the instructions.

• You could also make this in canvas, sturdy denim or all in leather or vinyl.

• If you wish to include more tools, just make the tool belt longer to accommodate them. It’s probably best not to include more than six, because it will get too heavy.

• Remember to rinse and dry your tools after use, so they don’t get caked in dirt.

• You could also use this tidy to hold barbecue tools, though you would need to change the dimensions.


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