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Make a handy craft station

Get your craft room organised with this easy to make craft station.


You will need:

Salvaged railing (from an old crib - or make your own)
4 x 25mm wood screws
Wire (to make hooks)
8mm dowels
Length of 22 x 50mm pine
fischer wall plugs and screws - to mount onto wall
Wire cutters
Drill/driver, screw and drill bits
Mitre box and saw

Here's how:

1. If you can’t find hooks that will work with your railing, get some reasonably thick wire and make your own. Use pliers to bend into shape, then cut with wire cutters.

2. Cut your scrap piece of wood into four 100 x 150mm pieces, then drill a 10mm hole at one end of each piece. These will hold the dowels.

3. Attach the dowel holders to the railing with wood screws. Drill two holes in the dowel holders, then drill matching holes in the railing.

4. Drill 6mm holes in the top and bottom. Attach the railing to the wall at these points using fischer wall plugs and screws. It's always a good idea to use a Detector before drilling, to check for cables and pipes in the walls.

5. Cut your dowels so they stick out at least a 2cm beyond the dowel holders. Slide into the pre-drilled holes. Wrap some tape around the outer edge of the dowel to prevent it from sliding out. You can easily remove and replace this should you need to pull out the dowel to change a roll of paper or ribbon.

6. Slide ribbon and paper onto the dowels, then insert into the holders. Hang all your bins/pegs/etc. on the rack using the hooks you made. Fill with craft supplies.

Pop onto the Crafty Nest website for more ideas and inspiration.


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