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Art for pizza lovers!

My kids love pizza - boxes and boxes of pizza in fact - I am such a bad mother!. The other day I was looking at the pizza box and thought to myself, "What a waste, I wonder what I could make with a pizza box?" So here they are, some unique projects that you can make using pizza boxes.


BTW our pizza is delivered with a wax paper insert on the bottom of the box, so the boxes were clean. I wouldn't recommend using pizza boxes with food stains!

I already had this idea in mind, but was going to use polystyrene blocks. But why buy polystyrene when I can recycle pizza boxes and create art for my home, and for the kids' rooms as well.

You will need:

Pizza boxes - small, medium or large
Wallpaper, wrapping paper or fabric
Bostik spray adhesive
Craft or utility knife
Double-sided tape to mount onto wall

Here's how:

1. For my project I used some left over wallpaper that I had. It's vinyl wallpaper - nice and thick - and perfect for this type of project. But you could also use wrapping paper or fabric.

2. Cut a sheet of paper so that it is bigger than the box and will fold nicely over the sides.

3. Spray the back of the paper and the front and sides of the box with Bostik spray adhesive and leave for five minutes.

4. Place the front of the box on the paper, making sure to position in the centre, and press down.

5. Use scissors to cut all four corners diagonally.

6. Fold over two opposite side. Don't fold all the sides over just yet as you need to create nice, neat corners.

7. Fold the edges/corners of the sides that you have just folded over onto the other sides - as shown left.

8. On the other two corners, trim the edges straight and then spray adhesive onto the corners that you have just folded over. Wait for five minutes.

9. Now fold the other sides onto the edges.

10. Use a craft knife to cut away any excess at the back.

Originally posted in 2007, it seems that Pizza Box art is now becoming quite popular. Here are some more examples of pizza box art that now see on the Internet. It's nice to know that others can put a very humble idea to good use!

The humble pizza box has been transformed into a work of art - just another way to recycle our household trash!


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