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How to make paper lanterns

If you are looking for an affordable, quick and easy way to dress up a table for a special occasion, these paper lanterns are just the thing. All you need is some cardstock, a template and a craft knife and cutting mat to make your own decorative paper lanterns. It's also a great way to repurpose mis-matched or chipped glasses!


Assorted mis-matched or chipped glasses
Tealight candles
A4 cardstock
Craft knife and cutting mat
Double-sided sellotape


1. Print out the template and transfer the designs onto your sheet or cardstock.

2. Use a sharp craft knife on a cutting mat to carefully cut out and gently fold back to reveal the design

3. You can repurpose mis-matched drinking glasses for this project, since the card will cover the glasses and no one will know the difference!

4. Use double-sided sellotape to close the edges together.


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