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How to carve eggshells

If you own a Dremel MultiTool or Dremel Engraver, you can create these wonderful intricate carved lace eggs for yourself, or as special gifts for family and friends.


 I have come across so many beautifully intricate designs that are fairly easy to do - once you get the hang of it. Visit this page to see more examples of beautifully carved lace eggs. When starting out, keep it simple. The more intricate designs require plenty of practice and not all can be done using a Dremel tool.

Dremel MultiTool - any model that accepts flexible shaft attachment
Dremel flexible shaft attachment
#108 engraving cutter
3B pencil

1. Before you start carving your eggs you will need to blow out the inside. To do this you will need to drill a hole in the base of the egg with your Dremel MultiTool and a small drill bit. Hold the egg in the palm of your hand and wrap your fingers gently around to nestle the egg while you drill a hole in the base and then in the top. Use a straightened paper clip and insert this into the hole to loosen the yolk and egg white to make it easier to blow out.

2. Draw your design gently onto the egg shell with a 3B pencil. Start off with a simple design until you get the hang of using the engraving tool and work up to more intricate designs as you become more experienced.

3. Using the flexible shaft attachment and #108 engraving cutter, gently apply the tip of the cutter to the surface of the eggshell to remove detailed areas. Only a very light touch is required - too much pressure and you will damage the surrounding area. Click here for more information on carving eggs with a Dremel tool.

DIY Tip:
Always have the egg nestled between your thumb and index finger whilst carving, and move the egg around as you carve out the design.


More carved egg designs


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