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Elegant engraved lace eggs
You can make this gorgeous detailed eggs for yourself or give them as a gift. Super easy to make if you have a Dremel Multitool, you can add decoupage any image onto the eggs once you are finished to fit any occasion. You can also make unique eggs to hang on the Christmas tree.
Festive projects with Dremele tools
Home-Dzine and DIY-Divas are a big fan of the Dremel Tools range. They have a tool for a wide selection of craft, hobby and DIY projects. For the festive season, we have put together a collection of Dremel projects that you can make with your Dremel tools.
Dremel Project Kits make ideal Christmas gifts
Dremel have introduced two kits just in time for the festive season: a Home Repair Kit and Home D├ęcor Project Kit, both of which allow users to complete a variety of projects. The kits make the perfect Christmas gift for any DIY or craft enthusiast and are available at your local Builders, via www.tools4wood.co.za  or your local Dremel stockist.
Win a trip to space with Dremel
Here's your chance to be one of the first space tourists to see Earth from an altitude of over 100km. Dremel are looking for craft and DIY enthusiasts who have the imagination to create a unique craft or DIY project using Dremel tools. The Dremel Micro competition gives people the opportunity to share their inspirations, with chance to win a truly unique prize. One inspired person will be rewarded with a once in a lifetime opportunity... will it be you?
Custom house number plaque
With all the do-it-myself mini-renovations going on at the moment, one involves moving the front gate. I was left with a blank wall close to the back gate and thought it might be the perfect place to mount a custom house number plaque. If you fancy making your own house number plaque it's very simple..
Create your own unique wording
Balsa wood is a very soft wood that is used for hobbies. Because it is so soft, Balsa wood is ideal for making your own decorative words for hanging onto walls or creating a unique display. In this project we show you how to cut out using a Dremel Moto Saw.
DIY laptop stand or laptop lap tray
This laptop stand or lap tray is perfect for anyone who finds themselves working in a situation where a table or desk isn't available. I made this laptop stand for my son, who is presently doing studies and either sits on his bed or couch. The laptop stand has holes that allow for air circulation, and even a slot for your iPad or smart phone.
Yoghurt cup drawer divider or organiser
Use yoghurt cups to make drawer dividers, craft and hobby storage containers, makeup or jewellery organisers. All you need is a tray of yoghurt cups, a glue gun and a can of Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint to make nifty organisers that you can use for storage. Using yoghurt cups is an ideal way to recycle this plastic waste and put it to good use.
ideas reclaimed timber wood pallet wine racks
Make your own cookie cutters
It can be frustrating when catering for a special event or party and not being able to find nice cookie cutters. During December I made a variety of Christmas cookies - and couldn't find any nice cookie cutters and ended up making my own shapes. Recycled aluminium cans are perfect for making your own cookie cutters.
Re-purpose cutlery into vintage-style chandelier
Shabby chic style is trendy at the moment - combining vintage chic with modern style. This is a fun way to re-purpose unused cutlery. Use secondhand, odd pieces, or vintage cutlery to craft this cutlery chandelier for your home. It's easy to make if you have some welding savvy and Dremel tools.
Make an elephant swag for the nursery
With our recent feature on making an upholstered pelmet for a nursery - one that featured elephants - we thought it might be nice to tie this in with an elephant garland that you can make using a Dremel Moto-Saw (or jigsaw).
Use a Dremel MultiTool to make Pysanka (lace) eggs
I have been having so much fun using my Dremel MultiTool to make Pysanka (lace eggs). Our Christmas tree was decorated with a variety of lace eggs and I included a hole at the back of the eggs, so that they could be placed close to the lights for a colourful effect. You can use this technique to create beautiful gifts, Easter eggs or decor for a home.
Woodburn with Dremel VersaTip and VersaFlame
If Santa brought you a Dremel VersaTip or VersaFlame for Christmas, chances are you can't wait to start using them. Here's a very crafty way to use your new Dremel tools to create woodburnt art for a feature wall. All you need are a couple of pieces of timber or board, your Dremel VersaTip or VersaFlame and a couple of picture hangers.
DIY decorative tree towel hanger
If you need extra storage in a small bathroom, this towel tree is perfect for hanging towels and the branches can be folded flat when not in use. Everyone in the family can have their own branch!
Aluminium wall decor
I love using self-adhesive aluminium roofing tape for projects. It's easy to use and a roll goes a long, long way. This year I'm making artwork that can be hung for Christmas, or to add to my collection. The design is a curly-whirly tree that stands out nicely once the aluminium tape is applied.
Make a tabletop firepit
Here's an easy way to add a special touch to your next get together with a personal firepit. The tabletop firepit uses gel fuel to light up and provide a touch of ambience.
Dandelion triptych
I have been wanting to make a dandelion triptych for ages and a recent experiment using relief paint and aluminium foil to make a picture frame got me to thinking about the perfect idea. My dandelion art is on SupaWood and uses relief paint, which is then covered with Rust-Oleum titanium silver spray paint. I love it...!
cupcake stand
Rustic cupcake or cake stand
I saw a rustic cupcake stand on etsy and realised how easy it would be to make one. A few scraps of PAR pine and you can make a 3-tier rustic cupcake or cake stand for a special occasion or a DIY wedding celebration.
dremel 3000
Dremel MultiTool for engraving on furniture
An upcycled cabinet gets a big makeover using a Dremel MultiTool and engraving to transform a rather boring cabinet into an interesting and eye-catching piece.
dremel 3000
Recycle jars using a Dremel MultiTool
Here's a great way to recycle glass jars and make a charmin gift at the same time. If you are looking for ideas for Mother's Day - don't toss out those glass jars, upcycle them into useful and decorative containers using a Dremel MultiTool and engraving bit.
dremel 3000
All I want for Christmas is Dremel...!
Dremel has some fantastic power tools in its range, and continues to add even more exciting tools. If you are looking for that perfect gift for someone who loves crafty DIY, then Dremel will have a tool that is perfect.
dremel moto saw make jigsaw puzzle
Snake jigsaw puzzle
Soon to be launched in SA, the Dremel Moto Saw is a smaller, compact and more versatile version of a scroll saw - with lots more advantages. The Dremel Moto Saw is a portable scroll saw that can be handheld or used on a table or worktop. This is a tool that is going to be a big hit with anyone looking to get more involved in crafts and DIY. In this feature we're going to show you how to use the Dremel Moto Saw to create a snake jigsaw puzzle.
diy advent calendar
Make an Advent calendar with Dremel
If you have some 9mm and 12mm SupaWood offcuts lying around at home, Dremel will show you how to put these to good use. This project also introduces the new Dremel Moto Saw, due to be launched in South Africa in the new future, but hopefully before Christmas as this is one tool I definitely want to add to my collection...!
dremel moto saw
Dremel Moto-Saw
I have a scroll saw in my workshop but find it a mission to get out and set up. It's bulky, noisy and more trouble than it's worth. This nifty little tool, on the other hand, looks quick and easy to set up and I can use it anywhere. The Dremel Moto-Saw is due for launch in January 2013, so too late for my Christmas List, but I will be putting some cash aside and be the first one in the store to get mine...!
rope or twine coasters
Easy rope or twine coasters
Every since I bought a few rolls of rope I have been looking for creative ways to use it up. There are quite a few projects posted in the Craft and Decor - Lighting sections, and here's an easy project that uses can lids and rope to make coasters.


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