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Colourful pencil necklace

Here's a fun way to upcycle coloured pencils into a colourful necklace. You can make for yourself or give as a gift - it's a unique present for Mother's Day.


Let dad do all the cutting and drilling and then the kids can string together the coloured pencils to make a fun necklace for mom!

Colourful pencils

Junior hacksaw

120-grit sandpaper

Drill / Driver and 2mm bit

Thin elastic



1. To make the bead necklace you need to cut your coloured pencils to a length of approximately 8mm. Use a junior hacksaw blade and clamp the pencil to make it easier. If you have a mitre saw it's even easier to cut the pencils into sections.

2. After cutting sand with 120-grit sandpaper to remove any rough edges, Lay the sandpaper on a flat surface and rub the cut bead along it.

3. Drill a hole in each bead using a 2mm bit. Carefully hold the beads while you drill to prevent them from spinning around - and have a scrap piece of wood underneath to protect your work surface.

4. After cutting, string the beads onto a length of thin elastic and tie off at the back.

You can use this exact same method to make a colourful pencil bead bracelet.


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