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Wake up to a beautiful bedroom

If you don't enjoy spending time in your bedroom perhaps it's time to think about giving the bedroom a new look. With a few select accessories and paint you can give any bedroom an instant wake up!


We spend a lot of time in the bedroom; it's where we go to lay our weary head and where we wake up every morning for a brand new day. It makes a lot of sense to decorate a bedroom that is both comfortable and that let's you wake up feeling refreshed and vitalised.

David Bromstad loves to decorate spaces, and in this bedroom makeover he takes an average boring bedroom and transforms it into a lively room that instantly refreshes body and mind with subtle colours and beautiful furniture and accessories. In this article we look at how you can achieve the look without spending too much money by using your DIY skills.

Start at the bottom and work your way up

Grubby or worn carpets are definitely the first place to start. If you can't afford to replace carpets for the time being, at least consider have them professionally cleaned. In the summer months when it's hot and dry, having your carpets professionally cleaned takes a couple of hours and they are dry the same day.

If you're tired of carpet, look at the alternative for laying laminate or tiled flooring. Laminate flooring is perfect for bedrooms. These rooms don't get a lot of traffic and are less susceptible to wear in a bedroom. In the bedroom shown here a flat, worn carpet is replace with antique oak finish laminate floors. You can also get the look of wood floors with ceramic tiles and you can see how easy it is to replace carpets with tiles in my bedroom makeover.

With the new flooring in place it's time to layer and soften the look. A large rug adds a touch of luxury underfoot and serves to enhance the bed as the feature in a bedroom. Choose the colour for the carpet based on the colours you use in the room, working with lighter shades that will be incorporated into bed linen or on walls. In this bedroom the walls are painted in Plascon Double Velvet - Pieces of Eight 05-C2-3].

You can use the Plascon Inspired Colour System to assist with choosing colours for any room in a home, or even download the Plascon InspireMe app,, but do check out the actual colour swatches at your local Builders or paint store before you have paint mixed. What you see on a PC, phone or tablet screen is never a true reflection of colours and it is always better to take home a selection of colour swatches and see how these look in the room under different lighting conditions.

The old pleather-wrapped (vinyl) bed frame and headboard is replaced with a modern wood frame and upholstered panels attached to the wall at the top of the bed. Making the bed frame is as easy as measuring up the size that you need and having melawood or novoboard cut to size to assemble your own bed frame.

The upholstered panels that form the headboard at the top of the bed are simply particleboard panels with a layer of foam, wrapped in a thin batting and fabric. A very basic tufting technique was done to give the upholstered panels a more luxurious finishing touch. Use our instructions for making a basic upholstered headboard. When selecting fabric for your headboard, choose upholstery fabrics that won't show dirt easily or treat fabrics with Scotchguard to protect them from stains.

Infuse colour into a neutral decorating scheme with splashes of colour that energise the room without being too overpowering.

 Above the bed two canvas artworks instantly create a focal point, and bedside lamps in matching colours frame the bed. You don't have to buy expensive art to add colour and interest... covering canvas frames with colourful fabric is an easy way to add custom pieces to a room. Simply wrap the frames neatly and use a Bosch Tacker or staple gun to secure the fabric at the back.

Now there's no excuse for putting up with a bland and boring bedroom. Be inspired to inject colour, energy and personality into your bedroom and wake up to a refreshed room every morning.


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