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How to make a diamond tufted headboard

I have seen plenty of posts on how to make a diamond tufted headboard and the finished headboard hasn't always been that great. There's a trick to making a diamond tufted headboard that looks great and I found this project featured on schue love, as well as a video that shows how to make a diamond tufted headboard.


12mm BisonBord
5cm thick foam - use medium or low density foam for a softer look
Fabric *
Alcolin or Bostik Spray adhesive
Drill/ Driver and assorted bits
Jigsaw and clean cut blade
Staple gun and 8mm staples
Upholstery needles - long ones
Upholstery buttons - with shank
Upholstery twine/thread
Cable ties - small
Diamond pattern template

*When measuring for fabric, allow enough fabric to cover the headboard front, sides and for stapling to the back, PLUS you need to add extra for the tufting. See the video below for a detailed measuring technique that works.


1. Cut the Bisonbord to the size you need for your headboard. You can keep it as a rectangle, do a curved top, or even a more intricate design. Below are some measurements that you can use for standard bed sizes:

Single = 920mm wide
¾ = 1100mm wide
Double = 1400mm wide
Queen = 1550mm wide
King = 1850mm wide

Now you can follow the instructions provided by schue love, or use the videos below.

Cut the headboard from BisonBord


Start padding the headboard


How to upholster a headboard


How to finish off your upholstered headboard


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