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Ideas for bathroom shelves

Every bathroom some have shelving of one type or another. In a small bathroom storage contains clutter and keeps the bathroom clean, whereas in a larger bathroom shelving can be used as a decorative feature.


Ideas for bathroom shelves

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Ideas for bathroom shelves cottage country shabby chic


Ashley at first home dreams painted some cheap laminate shelves and added decorative brackets to create shelves that are both practical and lovely. As an alternative to laminate shelves you can use laminated pine or SupaWood and cut out your own brackets with a jigsaw.

If you need to drill into walls to mount shelf brackets, be sure to use the right drill bit. Glass and Tile Bits cut through ceramic tile like a hot knife through butter and won't crack or chip the tile. For holes in masonry or concrete, use an Alpen masonry bit.

Fix shelves to walls with Fischer nylon wall plugs if you want shelving to stay fixed.


Ideas for bathroom shelves

Ideas for bathroom shelves



Built-in shelves are always a nice finishing touch for a bathroom.

When building a house off-plan or according to spec, be sure to allow small spaces for built in storage.

If you are adding your own built-ins, make sure that you properly seal around edges to prevent moisture ingress that will result in timber or board swelling, or even mould.



Ideas for bathroom shelves industrial shelving


In a rented home you will need to look at shelving options that you can take with you if you move. Industrial or retail shelving is one option. Most units are freestanding and, despite their use in factories or shops, they can actually look stunning in a bathroom.


Ideas for bathroom shelves reclaimed repurposed wine crates

Ideas for bathroom shelves reclaimed pallets



Re-purposed and recycled items have just as much use in a bathroom as in any other room in a home.

Wooden crates, reclaimed timber and timber pallets that are aged and have that wonderful patina, are ideal for a cottage, rustic or casual bathroom setting.

These pieces have already withstood the test of time and are perfect creating bathroom storage.


Ideas for bathroom shelves vintage reclaimed wood

Ideas for bathroom shelves leaning ladder

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Ideas for bathroom shelves freestanding cabinet



For most bathroom situations, do-it-yourself shelving is probably the best way to go.

With DIY you can make shelves to fit into any space, and in any style.

And and you find all the materials you need at your local Builders Warehouse. Plan a day and shop for what you need to make practical shelving for your bathroom.




Ideas for bathroom shelves modern floating


Re-purposing furniture that you already have is another easy way to add storage space to a bathroom. Make sure any piece you use has plenty of shelves and fulfils a practical purpose, otherwise it will take up valuable floor space without providing any solution.


Ideas for bathroom shelves stepladder