PG Bison Products

Those of you who have attended our DIY Divas Workshops and Courses, or regularly read our Home-Dzine Online magazine, will know that I always specify PG Bison for board and board products. There is good reason for this...

PG Bison manufacture a range of quality board products that I trust and can depend on to be of the highest quality and affordability.

What is Supawood?

Supawood - or MDF (medium density fibreboard) as it is know overseas - is made up of fine wood fibres that are mixed with a resin and compressed to create a smooth board product. Our main preference for using Supawood for our projects is for the fact that the smooth surface is perfect for painting - either with a paintbrush, paint roller, spray painting system, or Rust-Oleum spray paints. Because Supawood is an engineered board product it has no grain and can easily be cut, drilled and glued without damaging the surface.

Supawood comes in a common board size of 2750 x 1830mm and in thicknesses of 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, and 32mm.

There are certain precautions and techniques that need to be followed when working with Supawood:

  1. Supawood is manufactured using a substance called urea formaldehyde, which may be released from the material through cutting and sanding, and is harmful. Always work in a well-ventilated area and wear a dust mask when sanding or cutting Supawood.

  2. To avoid splitting the edges of Supawood when fastening together, pilot holes need to be drilled before fastening with screws. Additionally, screws should be a minimum of 20mm from any edge.

  3. When painting Supawood it is good idea to apply a slightly diluted base coat to the entire project before applying the main coat. This not only serves to seal the project, but due to the absorbent nature of Supawood, results in less paint being used. Sealers, waxes and oil finishes may be used in place of acrylic, emulsion and latex paints but they are less effective.

  4. Prior to painting Supawood all edges need to be sanded with 240-grit sandpaper to remove the 'fluff' or soft material that is left after cutting. This process is essential for a smoothly painted edge.

  5. When filling screw holes in the surface of Supawood, avoid sanding the surface of the board itself as this damages the fine, smooth top layer and can spoil the surface and result in a 'fluffy' surface.

What is Bisonbord?

Panel and board products have become more popular as the demand for affordable materials has increased. Bisonbord - high density particleboard or chipboard - meets the demands of today's world.

Bisonbord is a superior interior grade particleboard. It is manufactured from wood particles that are bonded with synthetic resin under heat and pressure. The result is a smooth-surfaced, multi-layer board that is strong enough to be cut to any size or shape. It is fine-surfaced and high density making it the ideal board for most cabinetry, and shopfitting needs. Bisonbord leads the market in quality, durability and versatility. Bisonbord is excellent for kitchen units, bedroom units, display units, built-in cupboards, cabinets, panelling, and partitioning.

Because Bisonbord has a smooth surface, it is ideal for priming, painting, printing, veneering, and laminating.

Techniques working with Bisonbord:

  1. If you don't want to apply edging to Bisonbord, fill in with Alcolin Wood Filler and then sand smooth for painting.

  2. To avoid splitting the edges of Bisonbord when fastening together, pilot holes need to be drilled before fastening with screws. Additionally, screws should be a minimum of 20mm from any edge.

  3. When painting Bisonbord apply wood primer before applying paint.

While standard Bisonbord is the durable norm for many applications there is a need for board that is exposed to high humidity or occasional wetting, especially for bathrooms and kitchens.

PG Bison have introduced Bisonbord V313, which is designed for interior usage such as kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanities, laundry cupboards, shelving or any other setting that is exposed to moisture.

What is Melawood?

Melawood is a high quality melamine-faced board. It comprises a single layer of melamine-impregnated decorative paper, fused under heat and pressure to both sides of a smooth surface. This surface is either Bisonbord or Supawood. Melawood is also easily matched to a wide variety of edging materials, for the perfect finish to your products. Surfaces and edges can also be integrated to form alternating colour effects and patterns.

Take a look around you and you will notice Melawood in all areas of your daily life. It is versatile and suitable for all your lifestyle needs. Ideal for home office furniture • perfect for shelving, cupboard and wall units • Create your own furniture: cabinets, tables • Design and create kitchen and bathroom furniture.