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Sustainability Week 2015

Taking place from 23 to 28 June 2015, Sustainability week is all about advancing the Green Economy through the sharing of knowledge. The event takes place at the CSIR International Convention Centre in Pretoria.


Sustainability is not a quick fix or a one-size-fits-all solution, it is about a process of reaching decisions, with due deference to the interests of all. The event allows people from different sectors to encounter the opportunities and challenges from one another’s perspectives, a primary step towards reaching consensus.

Sustainability Week takes place at the CSIR ICC from 23 to 28 June 2015. Boasting an impressive 14 seminars, the Sustainability Week programmes offer excellent opportunities for various stakeholders to share ideas to ultimately improve environmental and economic performance. This year Sustainability Week will look at issues such as – the cause and effect of actions, and the need to balance interests in a bid to achieve the most appropriate approach in all cases.

At the Green Home Fair people will be exposed to all range of products and services, expertise and solutions for a green home, plus enjoy an organic market environment, with great food and live entertainment.

Green Building Conference
New design strategies, building materials and approaches are contributing to an ever more innovative and rapidly changing environment. This year’s conference will share the latest thinking, perspectives, case studies and projects as they unfold. Professor Barbara Norman, Chair of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Canberra and Tomohiko Amemiya who worked on the award winning Slum Housing Project in Jakarta, are among the international experts that will share knowledge at this conference.

Water Resource Seminar
Water scarcity is a reality in South Africa and will become ever more apparent as climate change intensifies. Demand and supply-side management are two key strategies in protecting against absolute scarcity. Water efficiency is vital to the sustainability of our water resource on the demand side. On the supply side, it is imperative that issues such as pollution, land-use management, groundwater management, ecological infrastructure and acid mine drainage management are considered. Leading experts will present the latest technologies and best practice at this informative seminar.

Vision Zero Waste Seminar
South Africa is experiencing a waste explosion with landfills overflowing and production and disposal not slowing down. South Africa generates some 108 million tons of waste, with expectations of the waste rising each year. The Vision Zero Waste Seminar will see leading industry, government and related NGO executives, as well as fringe stakeholders, such as the Pickers, report back on actions and initiatives. The session will grapple with strategies and best practice required to achieve a stepped-up level of recycling in the country, with a dual focus on separation at source and profitability for businesses.

Sustainable Energy Seminar
The raging debate over the suitability of nuclear energy is typical of South Africa’s flawed approach to energy policy. Energy efficiency and renewable energy are converging fast into one bold new field – smart energy. This seminar will explore the idea that every effort should be made to redesign and reconfigure processes to be more energy efficient and reduce peak demand.

Green Business Seminar
Market forces are such a powerful driver of ingenuity and innovation that they have created the modern world with all its wonders, and all its terrors. How do we harness the market to a significantly greater degree to drive South Africa towards a green economy? This is the key question the Green Business Seminar will seek to answer.

Food Security Seminar
Political instability, uneven access to resources and funding, poverty, skills shortages, a lack of interest in farming among young rural people, and a changing climate are just some of the complex factors that perpetuate food insecurity among Africans. This seminar invites thought leaders and experts in the field of food security, agriculture and related industries, to share the latest thinking and examples of best practice, presenting the changing face of African agriculture. Discussions will contribute to the formulation of consensus on the best course for African countries.

There are many other items included as part of the Sustainability Week programme and you can visit  for more information.


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